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Chelsea Clishem From San Diego, California Chelsea Clishem received her bachelors in film and media analysis from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Chelsea often gives relationship advice to her friends and family and knows a thing or two about how to date and be in a monogamous partnership, providing a unique perspective on how to find and choose marriage material in your twenties and in general. Chelsea loves to write about love, relationships, beauty, fashion, health and self-help. Her advice, especially on young love in long-term relationships makes her a unique asset to the Millionaire’s Club.

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Now that you have him, how do you keep him?

couple chained together

I’m all for being besties with your man, but one must remember to never get too comfortable in any relationship, as that is a slippery slope to taking your partner for granted, and likewise, your partner will also reciprocate that … Continue reading

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The Female Douchebag

A girl takes a selfie for Instagram

Girls, today we are going to address an epidemic that is sweeping the nation and making a lot of women look really bad. Hopefully this article will help certain individuals recognize their embarrassing and non-feminine behavior and stop ASAP. The … Continue reading

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No, you’re not shallow for thinking that physical attraction is just as important as emotional attraction

Expert therapist and author Dr. Stephen J. Betchen, D.S.W in his book titled, Magnetic Partners: What pulled you together maybe pulling you apart (2013) poses a question in a chapter of his book titled, the role of physical attraction in … Continue reading

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Are You a Lady in the Streets but a Freak in the Sheets?

A profressional woman takes off her underwear in bed

Find out why classy is best in public and why you should always leave slutty for the bedroom. “I want a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets” is a common phrase men use to describe their … Continue reading

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Guys don’t like being hunted, so girls, why are you hunting?

A girl on the prowl, hunting for a man

I often wonder this question when I scope out the scene at a nightclub or while watching reality TV like The Real World or The Real Housewives franchise, or even in my personal life observing strangers, friends and friends of … Continue reading

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