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Attention single girls: 4 ways to date more in 2014

a couple on a date in 2014Happy New Year to everyone, but especially to my single ladies! This one’s for you! If you’re single, please make one of your New Year’s resolutions to date more. That’s right—just date more. Not find a serious relationship or “the one.” Get out there, meet people and have fun without putting expectations on what you’ll to find. Here’s how to do it.


Make date nights

I know we all think of planning date nights as something long-term couples do to keep the romance alive. But, it’s something every single girl should be doing as well. Set aside at least two nights a week to go on first days. And yeah, I did just write “at least.” You can do more too! But definitely open up your calendar and mark off two days every week for dates. Do it! If you don’t write it down, I know what’s going to happen. You’re going to get busy or get really into “The Bachelor” and start skipping date nights. Don’t let that happen! Mark those nights off and then find dudes to fill those slots.


Get online

If you’re not online, get on it, girl. And if you are, get serious about it. Online dating is a lot like working out—you only get out of it what you put into it. If you’re online, but only have one picture up and a half filled out profile, you’re not actually online. Take the time to get professional pictures taken. Work on your profile with a friend who’s good at writing. Spend several hours a week sending messages to cute dudes and responding. If you want online guys to be interested in you, you have to be interested in online dating.


Get out there

I want you to step out of your comfort zone and do new stuff this year. Don’t spend all of your non-date nights home on your couch. Start taking a new gym class, explore new bars, travel to new cities. Basically, you haven’t met the right kind of guys doing what you normally do, right? So, stop doing that and start doing something new! You’ll be surprised at how small changes to your routine will bring about big results in the romance department.


Say yes

Stop saying no to dates, lady! It’s just dinner for crying out loud, not marriage! I have so many single friends who say no to any date that isn’t perfect. Well, guess what? No first date is perfect! And you’re not going to date more by refusing every guy out there who isn’t the one. Just say yes and you’ll be surprised at what good things come your way. It could lead to a great friendship, discovering a new hobby or might just be great practice for when you do get asked out by the one.


Happy dating in 2014, ladies! I’m rooting for you, big time!