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5 Ways to tell he’s in love

A man in love with his girlfriendThose first few months of a relationship can get your heart going like nothing else. I remember when I first started dating David. It was like I had a marching band in my chest 24/7. I still feel heartbeat pitter-patters when I’m with him, but they’re nothing like those massive heartbeat surges of a new relationship. Part of that newbie relationship heartbeat has to do with the excitement of meeting someone you connect with, but it also has to do with the uncertainty of a new relationship. You’re always wondering, could this be love? And that question really gets the heart pumping! To save you from heart palpitations, here’s a little list to use to see if you two are truly falling in love.


He prioritizes you

Do you feel like you’re the most important thing going on in his life? Does he check in and schedule your dates before he plans the rest of his week’s events? Would he drop everything just to drive you to the airport? When a man is in love, the object of his affection is always number one. If you feel like you’re taking a back seat to his friends, his sports watching schedule or his gym routine, you’re probably not on the path to love.


He shows you off

A man falling in love is really proud of his lady. He’ll bring her around to meet his friends and family and be really excited to show her off. If you’re getting invites to be his date to weddings or even small get-togethers early in the relationship, you two are on the path to love town! If you feel like you bring him to all of your events, but he goes stag to all of his, it’s probably not love.


He wants to know your life

How interested in your past, life and dreams is your guy? If he’s always asking you questions and excited to meet your friends and family, then he’s on his way to love. If all you talk about is what you two are going to eat for dinner next, then I’m sorry to say that he could just be in this relationship for right now and not for the long haul.


You’re in love

Here’s a biggie. Are you in love? Love really is at its truest when it’s mutual. If you’re starting to feel serious feelings for this man, there’s a pretty big chance he’s starting to feel them for you too. But, if you’re questioning your feelings and just getting question marks whenever you dig deep to try and figure out your emotions, then he’s likely feeling the same thing.


He says it

Men know that it’s their responsibility to say the first “I love you” in a relationship. And if he’s feeling it, he’ll say it within the first three months. If you’re several months deep into a relationship and are still waiting for those three little words, they’re probably not coming, honey.


Good luck figuring out if your man is in like or love with you! Tell me in the comments if there are any telltale signs of love that I missed!