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5 Things men never want you to say

Woman annoys man by saying these 5 thingsLadies, ladies, ladies. I get so many questions from you on how to please your man. The truth is that men are simple creatures. They like beer and sports and sex. And their dislikes are just as simple. What they don’t like to hear you say is actually the simplest stuff ever. But, it seems like many, many women are confused and need a little guidance. So, I thought that I’d just round up five of the top things your man never wants to hear you say.

“I’m fat.”

Girl, no one is as hard on your body as you are, especially not your guy. Your man finds you sexy, so just own what you’ve got. If it’s a lot in the trunk or itty bitty titties in front or stretch marks or stumpy legs, know that your man likes you just the way that you are and hates that you don’t love your body. Why dwell on your flaws when he’s not? All that time you’re wasting complaining to your man about your body could be so much better spent making memories with him…or even getting busy!

“Well, (insert friend’s name)’s boyfriend does this for her.”

It’s 100% OK to ask your fellow for favors. That’s what being in a relationship is all about! But, you need to ask him in a way that makes him want to help you out. Whining about it and comparing him to someone else’s boyfriend will just alienate him and make him never want to do anything nice for you. And how would you feel if he compared you to one of your friends or one of his friends’ girlfriends? You’d think that maybe he’d be better off dating that person, right? Welp, he’s thinking the same thing when you compare him to another guy.

“The best sex I ever had was…”

Um, no. Just stop. Who wants to hear about their current lover’s past lovers? No one. Absolutely no one. So, don’t put him through that!

“I was just having the funniest conversation with my ex.”

Look, if you’re still in contact with your ex that’s 100% fine. But, you need to be careful with how you discuss your old guy with your new guy. Don’t make your ex sound like the funniest, smartest, nicest or actually anything-est guy. Make it very clear that your ex is just a guy in your life and your current man is the man in your life.

“Will you skip guys’ night?”

Don’t get between and man and his buddies. If you can’t date your man and let him keep all of his friendships intact, then there’s something wrong with your relationship. Let the guy have his boy time. After all, you probably want your girl time. Or maybe even your alone time. Don’t be a naggy girlfriend and arrange your time with him so that he can still maintain some dude friendships and time without you. Absence totally does make the heart grow fonder! Take advantage of that!

What did I miss? Any big phrases that men never want to hear? Let me know in the comments!