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5 Mantras that will help you stay sane in the dating world

Dating tips for womenDating doesn’t have to be complicated; we make it complicated. I am constantly asked about dating tips for women — and, by sticking to a few, good rules rather than trying to abide by a boatload of them, you can navigate the dating scene like a pro. Don’t clog your brain with “he said, she said” and play it smart. Remember, these rules are not meant to restrict you; they are meant to help. Okay? Now, find a balance between making and breaking your rules. Remember: There’s no one right way to do things.

Be a good picker

First, you’ve got to be a good picker. Pay close attention to the men you are attracting and the kind of man you want. He may or may not look, act or seem like he’s the one when you meet him, but ask questions. This is where your picker has to be fine-tuned. How does he feel about marriage? What about children? You ask questions on a job interview, so don’t be afraid to find out what you want to know.

Don’t travel in packs

Second, don’t go out in packs of women. Men are just as afraid of rejection as we are and, if he sees you with a gang of girls, he may be afraid to approach you. Go to the kind of places men you like will be at. Marriage-minded men aren’t usually hanging out at nightclubs.

Sweat it out

Third, get exercise. Working out can be a great stress relief when dating has you down. Not only will it make you feel relaxed and happy, but sexy and confident, too. Not to mention, you’ll be working towards the hot bod you’ve been talking about for… how long now? Join a spin class or take a daily hike. It does your love life good.

Know your moves

Fourth, once you’ve met someone and he’s asked you out, let him make the moves. When he does, be polite and answer texts, calls and emails promptly. You don’t need to always be available, but basic manners are important.

Go public

Last, if you’re dating online, make sure to meet in public places on your first few dates. Just because you’re talking with somebody on email or via a dating site for an extended time period does not mean you know him. When the date is over, say thank you and wait for him to ask you out again. If he’s interested, he will. If not, move on.