How to tell if he wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, but what if you’re not quite in love yet? Do you celebrate? That’s a tough question to figure out. For new couples and not official couples, instead of being a day of love, Valentine’s Day is a more like a day of stress! Here are some ways you can figure out if your dude wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you before the big day and hopefully avoid all that romantic strain and pressure.

Are you exclusive?

If you’re feeling the V-Day anxiety, take stock of your relationship with this new fellow. Have you had the exclusivity talk yet or are you so new that it hasn’t come up? If you’re exclusive and, as teen dramedy as this sounds, officially boyfriend/girlfriend, then it’s fair to assume you two would be together on Hallmark’s official day of love. If you guys aren’t at the level where you’ve communicated that, it’s still a question mark.

How does he spend time?

Valentine’s Day is a special day. So, think about how he spends his special time. When he has a three day weekend, does he spend it with you? If he gets off work early, does he let you know? If he’s spending his extra time with you, that’s a good sign that he’d want to spend Valentine’s Day together. But, if you don’t get the sense that he wants to be with you as much as possible, signs aren’t looking great for Valentine’s Day.

What’s his history?

Do you know much about his dating history? A guy who has a proven track record of being romantic is more likely to step up to the plate on Valentine’s Day than a guy who hasn’t had a serious relationship in a while or is historically a ball dropper when it comes to romance. (Side note: If he’s never been good with romance, you might want to dial your expectation knob back quite a bit. That’s a hard skill to pick up.)

How do you feel?

Do you want spend Valentine’s Day with him? That’s probably a great indicator of how your relationship is going and if it’s V-Day worthy. What would you do for him and how fun would it be to be together? Think about it. If you’re amped on the idea, chances are he is too!

Just ask

I’m huge into communication. Even when it’s awkward. That’s actually normally when communication is the most important. The easiest way to find out for sure if he’s thinking of hanging out with you or doing something special for you on Valentine’s Day is to straight up ask him. I say why not? A moment of social awkwardness or weeks of agonizing anticipation? I’d choose the first any day of the week…or year, especially if it’s a day around Valentine’s Day!

Hope the helps you figure out your Valentine’s Day plans. And even if you’re not celebrating Valentine’s Day romantically, you can still celebrate it calorically with all the treats they’re selling. So much chocolate! What’s you’re favorite kind of V-Day treat? I’m a traditionalist and can’t get enough of Conversation Hearts!


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