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Valentine’s Day gifts you should get YOURSELF if you’re dating a millionaire

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re dating a millionaire, you’re probably stressed about what to get them to show your love and affection. They are the toughest folks to shop for because they can basically buy whatever they want and probably already have anything you’d think to get them. Gah! Stress city! And I hate to add to your pile of stress, but I also want you to think about what to get yourself for Valentine’s Day if you’re dating a millionaire. That’s right, a Valentine’s Day from you to you! You’re important and deserve some self-love and celebrated on February 14th, too! Here’s what I think you need if you’re dating a millionaire. Read more

What to get a millionaire man for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day gifts are tough to buy in general because they need to represent so much... or so little, depending on where you are in a relationship. And then, buying gifts for men is tough in general. If you’re going with traditional “manly” stuff, men just don’t have a lot of fun options. Layer on top of buying a gift for a millionaire man, who can and probably does, buy himself anything he wants, and you’ve got a seriously difficult gift to buy. A Valentine’s Day gift for a millionaire man might just be the hardest gift to find ever. Well, I’m here to help you with a few options. Read more

How to drop Valentine’s Day gift hints to your millionaire

The winter holidays are over and Valentine’s Day is basically right around the corner. The holidays don’t stop this time of year! And that means that gifting doesn’t stop. Your fellow just went through this thinking, finding, and giving process with your holiday gift. My guess is that he’s a little exhausted in the creative present department. Give the guy some help and point him in the right direction with a few hints. I’ve laid out several ways to almost subtly suggest some gift ideas for a millionaire man, but you could use these tips with just about any guy. Read more

5 Pieces of pink jewelry to ask for this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us and I hate to say it, but even the best, most romantic men on the planet have probably waited until just now to even start thinking about how to celebrate the day. Don’t take it personally. That’s just how men are. Planning (or not planning) is one of the major differences between the two genders. So, I say do your man and yourself a favor and send him a wish list of how you’d like to celebrate the day. Include what you want to do and what you want to get. You’ll save him the stress of brainstorming and you’ll get exactly what you want. If you’re having any issues coming up with a good present for yourself, I’m going to suggest pink jewelry. It’s feminine, distinctive and totally themed for the holiday! Pink jewelry is beyond romantic in my opinion. Here are some pieces that make me drool! Read more

5 Valentine gift ideas for the woman who has everything

February 14th is a high-pressure day for men. You have to deliver big time if you want your lady to be happy, but it can be tough to figure out what to get your girlfriend or wife when it seems like she already has everything. Well, I have some fantastic ideas to help you figure out how to make Valentine’s Day a very special evening for both of you. I say book a reservation at her favorite restaurant or plan a romantic meal at home that you cook or order…and clean up yourself. (The cleaning is a very important part of the romance if you choose to spend the evening at home.) And then top the night off with one of these special gifts.
  1. Art
Not a lot of people think of art as a gift, but it can be a very personal and romantic present. Think about what might mean a lot to her. Maybe you can get an antique map of one of your favorite vacation spots framed. Or you could get a professionally painted portrait of her puppy. What does she love and how that can translate to a custom art piece? Once you figure that out, work with an artist to create the piece of her dreams. Trust me, she’ll love all of the thought and effort you put into this one!
  1. Necklace
Jewelry isn’t a new idea when it comes to romantic gifts, but it’s an option that always delivers. And when it comes to romance, I think a necklace is as good as it gets. (Well, aside from an engagement ring, duh!) I just love the feeling of a man putting a necklace on me. So sensual! Of course, the right necklace depends on your lady’s style. Personally, I love when romantic jewelry gifts can be worn regularly and aren’t just for black tie affairs. So, I’d suggest leaning towards the dainty side. For example, this Yossi Harari Lilah Smile Bar Pendant Necklace is perfect to wear any day of the week, but still a stunner with its handcrafting and pavé diamonds.
  1. Lingerie
Now, not every woman would appreciate a gift of lingerie. After all, it’s just as much a gift for yourself as it is for her. So, if you don’t think your lady would be into lingerie, why not combine it with something else on this list? That way, there’s definitely something special and romantic for her, as well as for you! If you’re looking for a specific recommendation, you can’t go wrong with Natori. Check out this Sheer Lace Camisole. Super sexy, right? Put this in a box with black panties, a silk robe and maybe even a pair of heels you know she’s had her eye on and you’ll have a very lovely, and very sexy, package for her.
  1. Private chef
There isn’t a person on this planet who doesn’t love an evening with a private chef catering to their every culinary need. This type of treatment always feels special. Work with the chef to create a menu that’s centered around aphrodisiacs like chocolate, red wine, truffles, saffron and oysters to make the night heavy on romance.
  1. Night away
Wisk your woman away for a special night out of town, or even just a night in a really plush hotel. I love the idea of setting up a treasure hunt for your girlfriend or wife to follow until she gets to the plane or hotel room. Make sure that part of the treasure hunt is telling her to pack an overnight bag and what kind of clothing to bring. She’s sure to love something that takes this much thought and planning. You’re going to get a million gold stars for this, and probably a special treat in the sack, too! Happy Valentine’s Day, my men! Good luck making all of your ladies’ dreams come true on February 14th!

5 Valentine gifts to get your millionaire man

How many bags of Conversation Hearts have you eaten so far this Valentine’s Day season? I’m going to plead the fifth on my number. It’s embarrassingly high. I tell myself that eating Conversation Hearts is basically a job responsibility for me. Anyway, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re dating a rich, successful man, I bet you’re struggling with what to get him. Well, you’ve come to the right place. I have 7 ideas for gifts that will make the man who has everything feel like a million bucks.
  1. Cufflinks
This is a tried and true dude gift that never fails. Sure, every businessman has cufflinks, but there’s always room in a guy’s collection for more. It’s a really safe bet. If you’re looking for something nice, David Yurman always has amazing designs with classic appeal. For this gift guide, I found these amazing Tateossian Mechanical Watch Cuff Links that actually keep time. Awesome, right? He’ll definitely get compliments on them and think of you every time someone tells him how cool his style is.
  1. Scotch tasting
Scotch has always been a staple drink for classy men, but I think it’s having a real moment in the sun right now. I credit that to Mad Men. Anyway, almost every man would want to know more about scotch, so organizing a scotch tasting is a great gift idea. I found several options in my area just by Googling “Scotch tasting Los Angeles.” Look in your area and see what quality options are available. You could also talk to your country club about setting up a tasting or just chat with the lead bartender at the bar of his favorite steak house. It could also be fun to turn it into a social event and have several of your girlfriends give their men scotch tastings for V-Day and do the tasting as a group.
  1. A strip dance
Give your man something he’ll never forget, a very sensual strip dance. If you’re comfortable, just go ahead and do it. But, for most of us, a little instruction and choreography wouldn’t hurt. So, look up strip classes in your neighborhood or get a private burlesque tutoring session and practice your routine. This is a priceless gift that he’ll be very, very grateful for.
  1. Lingerie
Ah, the age old question…is lingerie really a gift for him or you? I say, who cares! It makes you feel sexy and him feel, well, all kinds of things! In my book, La Perla is hands down the sexiest, most luxurious lingerie on the market. And why not treat yourself to the best when you’re treating him, right? The Maharani Chemise is super sexy and guaranteed to make this a Valentine’s Day, or more likely night, to remember!
  1. Deluxe aphrodisiacs
Aphrodisiacs come in all shapes and sizes…and prices! There are some very luxurious and expensive aphrodisiacs out there that can add up to a really special gift for your man. You can customize an aphrodisiac basket to your man’s tastes, but if you’re looking for some suggestions, I have two deluxe options for you—saffron and white truffles. Saffron is one of the most expensive ingredients on the planet and, as it turns out, can be a real turn on! White truffles are another hard to source aphrodisiac that are delicious and apparently, sexually stimulating. Add these to some honey, for eating or body painting, high quality chocolate, his favorite red and a homemade version of sexy truth or dare and you have the perfect customized aphrodisiac basket for your millionaire boo. Hope that helps you ladies who are dating men who have everything. They’re a hard group to shop for! And no matter what gift you get him, if you make him feel special in the bedroom on Valentine’s Day evening, he’ll be very grateful that Cupid shot you two with the same arrow.