How to drop Valentine’s Day gift hints to your millionaire

The winter holidays are over and Valentine’s Day is basically right around the corner. The holidays don’t stop this time of year! And that means that gifting doesn’t stop. Your fellow just went through this thinking, finding, and giving process with your holiday gift. My guess is that he’s a little exhausted in the creative present department. Give the guy some help and point him in the right direction with a few hints. I’ve laid out several ways to almost subtly suggest some gift ideas for a millionaire man, but you could use these tips with just about any guy.

Talk to his assistant
If you’ve been dating your millionaire for more than a millisecond, you know that his assistant is the key to everything and anything. In all likelihood, the assistant is the one that’s going to be getting you the gift. Not a romantic realization, but it’s the truth. You could call the assistant and feel him or her out for what’s cooking for V-Day or you could straight up send over a wish list. An assistant as the third wheel in your relationship may not be romantic, but it sure is convenient. I say take advantage!

Go window shopping
The next time you plan a date for the two of you, make sure there’s a little stroll past the window of a store you love or the gift that you’re gunning for. Stop and take a look at it. Don’t feel like you need to be understated at all. You can fully say something like, “Look at that! I’d love something exactly like that!” It may seem tacky in your mind, but millionaires are busy folks with a lot of stuff on their minds. You have to make it easy for them.

Use his phone
Another not so subtle move is to window shop using his phone. When you guys are having a lazy moment, take his phone and show him a few things you’ve put on your mental Valentine’s Day wish list. Again, be direct with the fact that you’d like to get these things. While basically nothing is too direct for me, I understand that may feel a little too forward to some. If you’re one of those people, then pull up these items on his phone and ask him for his thoughts. Ask if he thinks you’d look good in this or what color would suit you the best in that. When you give the phone back to him, be sure you don’t close out of those browser windows. That way, he can easily reference them later…if he got the hint.

Reminisce a bunch
If you want your fellow to do something romantic that he’s done before, like take you to a special restaurant or plan another romantic trip, positively reinforce him a ton for the first time that he did it. Let him know how wonderful that thing was and how much you appreciated it. You might also want to say something about how you regularly day dream about doing it again. I know, it seems really blatant to you, but it won’t be to him. He’ll feel like he’s giving you something you didn’t even know that you wanted.

Have a conversation
This is for those of us who aren’t terribly precious about surprises. And I know that’s not everybody. But, it’s fine to flat out tell someone what you want. Just because he’s not surprising you with what would make you feel the most loved on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that you should feel any less loved. I love open and honest communication and a full conversation where you’re crystal clear really is the only way you’re going to get exactly what you want. And, you can consider this your gift to him! He doesn’t have to stress out about what to get you this year. Or, more accurately, your Valentine’s Day gift to his assistant. Because they’d probably be the one stuck with sourcing your gift!

Hope that helps you all get the gifts you want from your millionaire this year! Happy Valentine’s Day!