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How to get over the single girl winter blues

Being single when the weather’s bad can be a real bummer. (I’m talk to all of you East Coasters and Midwesterners!) It feels like everyone else is cozied up inside, snuggling together and you’re the only one sipping cocoa alone. Well, that’s not the case at all. I swear. But, if you’re feeling like it is, here’s exactly what to do to get over those single girl winter blues. Read more

5 Things to do when you’re the only single friend

When you’re in a friend group, things seem to happen to everyone at the same time. Everyone gets mono at the same time, everyone gets a new job at the same time and everyone gets a boyfriend at the same time. Or, almost everyone. When you’re the friend in the group who’s off schedule, it can feel really lonely. The loneliness is especially noticeable when they’re all in a relationship section of their schedule and you’re in a single part of yours. Fear not, sweet thing. Read more

3 Kinda insane New Year’s resolutions every single girl needs to make

You’re seeing diet commercials non-stop, your mailbox is full of membership deals from local gyms and all of your Facebook ads are for meditation apps. Yep, it’s the new year and it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. Personally, I don’t think you have to wait for a new year to start fresh. After all, every single morning is an opportunity for a fresh start. But, if flipping a calendar page is motivating to you, I say use that momentum and start working toward your goals. If you happen to be a single girl looking for a man, I have three resolutions you need to make. And I know they sound out there, but trust me on these. They work. Read more

How to deal with the question “Why are you still single?”

I’d love to say that the annoying question “Why are you still single?” comes up only on holidays, but every single girl out there knows that’s not the case. This inane question pops its ugly head out all the time. Family events. Friend gatherings. Business dinners. Even first dates. Why, oh, why would someone want to make you feel like shit about being single on a first date? He got to go out with you because you’re single! Sheesh! Anyway, the big question (after you get asked the annoying question) is how to deal with it? Well, I have some tips. Read more

5 Reasons being single in the summer is the best

I have a ton of single girlfriends right now and most of them are on a mission to find a man. But, one of my closest friends just told me that she’s actively trying to stay single until the end of the summer and I loved hearing that. It made me realize all of the fabulous reasons being single in the summer is the best. Here are some of them. Read more

What to do when your family is annoying about you being single

Every single girl has been asked annoying questions about her relationship status by her family. It’s just one (of the many!) terrible parts of being single. (Of course, there are awesome parts of being single, too!) Sometimes, though, it goes past the point of pesky and can feel like an out and out attack. It can be super rough. I’ve been through it several times with well-meaning (but incredibly annoying) aunts and family friends and I have a few tips on how to deal when your family isn’t supportive of your single status. Read more