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How Our Dreams Can Help Us with Trust Issues

Every morning I’m on the radio somewhere in the country doing live dream interpretations for the station’s listeners. The other morning the female host of the show I was on asked me about a dream she had. When I started to dissect it, it revealed a very interesting trust issue that plagues waaaaaay too many relationships. Read more

Trying To Get Over A Horrible Ex? Your Dreams Can Help!

Getting out of a bad relationship doesn't necessarily mean you are free from it. All too often we allow the ex, no matter how horrible he or she may have been, to continue to live in our hearts and minds long after the break up occurred. Because of this, it's hard to know if you are truly over the ex or not. Read more

How A Dream about A Spider Helped A Woman End A Bad Relationship

I am forever beating the drum about how our dreams help us to improve every area of our lives, especially the relationship area. Below is a recent example of this. A single mom had been struggling with a relationship for quite some time; she was unsure if she should continue to give it effort or not... and then she had this dream: Dear Lauri, I dreamed I was walking and bare foot. Then a clear white spider jumped on me and bit the bottom of my foot. I tried to peel it off of me only to have it jump and bite my hand. I had to peel it off my right pointer finger like Velcro. – Jessica 35, Aurora, CO Read more

The Power of Ho’oponopono and Dream Manifestation

The Millionaire Matchmaker Love Report
Today, join David Wygant and I as we talk in this week's Love Report about the power dream manifestation. What do your dreams actually mean? What about when you have that super hot sexy dream, does it really mean you're going to meet that person or does it mean that you're lacking something in your own sex life? I also talk about Ho'oponopono (a deep cleaning meditation)– And what that means and how to really get rid of the negative programming. You know we all have it, that story that keeps repeating over and over in our subconscious mind, that negative loop that stops us from getting into loving relationships. Some of us actually have a loop that plays over and over again that makes us think that we don't deserve a loving, amazing, beautiful relationship. In today's Love Report, David and I go over the power of manifestation, the impact of negative loopings, and how to get them out of your life permanently. This is definitely a must-listen-to. Also, it's the 4th of July, everybody go out and have an amazing three-day weekend. Go out there and create some fireworks in your own life, I certainly will. I will talk to you all soon. Patti out

Let’s Talk About Sex Dreams

Sex dreams

What the mystery lover dream means

Of all the dream themes we experience, there is none as emotionally polarizing as the sex dream. These dreams will either leave you with a spring in your step or an inability to look others in the eye the next day. Back in the Middle Ages, sex dreams were so shameful that people attributed them to Incubi or Succubi, male and female sex demons, who would molest the unwary while they slept! This far-fetched idea was likely due to a need to absolve oneself from the perversion felt upon waking… “Wow, that couldn’t possibly have come from my mind! Why that must have been a horny little demon trying to wreak havoc on my pure and Godly thoughts! Yeah, that makes sense. I’m going with it.” Read more

3 More Relationship Symbols You Need to Look Out For in Your Dreams

More dream symbols
Last week we covered how the dog, the cat and cheating in a dream are the most common symbols pointing to and trying to help you with your relationship. And as promised, this week we are going to cover three more symbols to look out for. Read more