In Your Dreams

How Our Dreams Can Help Us with Trust Issues

4596368802_b2251b8c2fEvery morning I’m on the radio somewhere in the country doing live dream interpretations for the station’s listeners. The other morning the female host of the show I was on asked me about a dream she had. When I started to dissect it, it revealed a very interesting trust issue that plagues waaaaaay too many relationships.

“The other night,” she said, “I dreamed there were these funny looking bugs all over the floor. They looked like little bats stuck to little sticks. They were dead and I was trying to vacuum them up.”

“Interesting,” I said as I mulled the dream over in my head. “Let’s start with the bugs. That indicates there is something really ‘bugging’ you right now. The bugs in your dream looked like bats stuck to sticks so I think that means this issue is something that you are afraid is going to ‘stick’ around. Bats are popular for turning into vampires so that could mean that this is starting to suck your energy. That could also be where the vacuum cleaner comes in because a vacuum cleaner sucks too. What’s going on that sucks so bad?”

She replied: “One of my husband’s female friends has been texting him at odd hours and he deletes the messages. He says there isn’t anything going on and while I believe him, I don’t trust the woman. This isn’t the first time a woman has done this. He doesn’t act on anything but the fact that this has happened before is upsetting.”

Me: “Has he ever let you see the texts before deleting?”

Her: “Nope. That’s what bothers me. He claims it’s soccer related (he’s a soccer coach).”

Me: “Oh snap! Does he delete his texts in general?”

Her: “He deletes a lot of his texts but he keeps some for a little bit but he deletes hers right away. What’s probably happening is harmless but if I read them, I would blow a gasket so he gets rid of them. He’s been paying less attention to me and really focused on his phone. It frightens me

I had a dream last night that is probably related. There was a tornado outside my bedroom and a horse was lifted into the air and it was peeing on my head even though it was being swept up into the tornado! That horse’s ding ding was VERY large, too. It was like a fire hose letting loose on me. WTF?!”

Me: “I think that horse is you, your ability to get back in the saddle and move forward when life knocks you down. The tornado is your worry that is beginning to carry you away. The pee in the dream is all about how pissed you are. There was a lot of it. That could also represent how much you are trying to “relieve yourself” of the worry.”

Her: “Ah…well, that could be. I am mad. And I am trying to let it go but it’s been a struggle. MEN!”

We tend to dream about what is on our mind the most and this is definitely on her mind. These dreams are a very honest expression of her concern. Just as the tornado swept up the horse, so is this issue sweeping her away from her normal routine and peace of mind. And that is a very good indication that this needs to be addressed before it takes a toll on her marriage. Our dreams will let us know when we are in the red zone. This dream is doing just that.

What do you think she should do? Sound off in the comments below. She’ll be reading them!

Photo credit: pedrosimoes7 / CC BY