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3 Ways a second date is way more important than a first

First dates are anxiety producing, for sure. But I think it’s strange that a lot of women I meet are more nervous for first dates than for second dates. Second dates are much bigger steps in a relationship than first dates. I mean, I’m not saying that you should be sick to your stomach every time you get asked on a second date, but it is something you should treat like a big deal. Because it freaking is! Second dates are way more important than first dates. Here’s why. Read more

Attention single girls: Why you should try to go on bad dates

Single girls, let me say that I feel you in a major way. The single struggle is so real. When you’ve been single for a while, you can lose hope and get very frustrated. Dates can feel like a total waste of time! I’m here to tell you they’re not a waste of time at all. Even the bad ones. Actually, especially the bad ones aren’t wastes of your time. In fact, I think you should try to go on bad dates. Yes, try to set up bad dates for yourself. You read that correctly. Here’s why. Read more

What kind of texting should you do between dates?

You’ve gone on a couple good dates with a guy. You like him and are excited about the potential you two have, but you’re not actually dating yet. It’s a fun period of a relationship to be in. So much fantasizing about the future, flirting and fun. It’s one of my favorite stages of the dating game! With that all said, it’s also one of the most stressful moments in dating game, too. There’s a lot that can change on a dime, feelings are uncertain and it seems like one little mistake can bring the whole future relationship tumbling down. And that’s why texting feels so high stakes! It’s tough to figure out what’s over texting, what’s under texting, what’s the right thing to send and what’s the wrong thing. Well, let me help you out. Here are some guidelines. Read more

How to tell if he doesn’t want a second date

If you read this site enough, you’ll know that I’m basically obsessed with open and honest communication when it comes to relationships. To make it work with a partner, you need to talk about everything. And I really mean everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly! And place special emphasis on talking about those last two—the bad and the ugly. Because that’s when communication is really important. All of that is true for relationships, but the communication stuff doesn’t really hold water when it comes to dating. In a first date scenario, there is no communication. Read more

What to do if you’re being benched

Have you heard of “benching” yet? It’s the new ghosting, but slightly different. Benching is when a guy is keeping you on the bench, but not playing you. He occasionally texts and seems kind of engaged, but never actually makes plans. Or if he does make plans, he doesn’t follow through with them and winds up canceling last minute. Sound familiar? I’m guessing it does since this is very typical guy behavior. If you date enough, you’ll definitely experience it. Here’s what to do if benching happens to you. Read more

How to change your bad dating attitude

Attitude is everything when it comes to, well, everything! Your perspective on your life is your life. If you think everything’s dandy, then everything actually is dandy. If you take a look at your life and all you can see is that poop swirl emoji, then your life is one big giant swirl of poop. With this in mind, I’ve been doing some secret sleuthing with my single girlfriends during our hangouts. I’ve been watching to see if my friends who are positive about dating have better dates and if the ones who are negative about dates have worse dates. My conclusions weren’t surprising, at least not to me. The ones with bad attitudes had many more bad dates than my friends with good attitudes. Read more