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Why YOUR Sexual Past is None of HIS Business

Q: Hi Emily! I’m 24 and my boyfriend is 42, and lately we have been having problems with his—as he calls it—“retroactive jealousy”. Though I am much younger than him, I’ve had many more lovers than he has. As a result, he’s always bringing up my past experiences and comparing them to his own. He constantly bombards me with questions and asks me to recall memories that I would rather not think about. Is it okay that he’s asking me to divulge my sexual history to him? What good could possibly come of it? How do I help him understand that my past has nothing to do with our present? Read more

Can a Relationship Survive Cheating

Dear Emily, I’ve been with my partner for 4 years and up until a month ago, I thought we were the perfect couple. Then I found out he cheated on me last year. It was a one-time thing with a woman he used to work with, and he swears that they didn’t keep in touch afterward. He confessed this all to me, and I got the sense that it had really been eating him up inside — for a good reason, clearly. Read more

Fun & Sexy Date Ideas You Haven’t Tried Yet

Dear Emily, I'm 26 years old and have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. joker123 We do our best to keep things interesting, but this year my goal is help us spice things up even further! I've been attempting to plan bi-weekly date nights that will 1.) Help us turn up the romance outside the bedroom and 2.) Inspire us even more inside the bedroom. Read more

She Put A Spell On Me

Annie Lennox put a spell on me. Jimi Hendrix. Singer, songwriters, musicians, poets, novelists, have been writing about love for centuries. It’s got to be the number one topic. Read more

Why the third date is the most important date

Most of my single girlfriends get really nervous for first dates. And of course that’s understandable. First dates can be mega stressful. But, they’re actually not that important in the scheme of things. If a first date goes badly, there’s nothing on the line. Sure, you’ve wasted your time, but there’s not a ton of emotion that you’ve invested into this person. You can walk away completely unscathed. If a third date goes poorly, it feels a lot more high stakes. And I actually think a third date is the most important date of a relationship. Here’s why. Read more

3 Amazing responses to annoying dating questions

When you're newly dating your boo, it seems like everyone and their mother feels like it’s their cue to ask you super annoying and very intrusive questions. "Have you decided to be monogamous?" "Is he the one?" "Have you said the L-word yet?" "When can I meet him?" You know these questions only come from a good place, but the thing about good places is that they’re often pretty annoying places, too! So, here are three ways to shut down your well-meaning friends and family members who won’t stop asking about your relationship without insulting them. Read more