Ever wonder why you can’t find a love that lasts?

Did you ever think that maybe you decided before you reincarnated on earth that you chose to put a lot of appointments in your little black book to hook up with various people on purpose? Some of us are not like others when comes to relationships. You may be that guy or girl whose has a lot of dates, mates or even marriages but seem to be unlucky in love.

That’s not true — As a believer of reincarnation there’s another reason. It doesn’t mean you can’t stick with one or that you’re a failure in love. It just may mean that you decided before you got here that you wanted to get rid of the karma, in some cases drama, quickly all in one life. Once we get through the cause and effect of karma in past relationships and learn the universe’s lesson, it dissipates not to haunt us again. In English that means, next!

I know I for one have been criticized for not being married but as I look back on my previous loves and engagement none of the men would have made me happy in a marriage. The relationship had run its course. However, I learned a lot about myself and probably dodged a bullet in some cases. I sometimes think I wasted time on men who I wanted to fix or they wanted to fix me but if I never went through that experience I wouldn’t know a healthy relationship from a bad one. Plus I’d probably never have become the matchmaker I am now. If my love life had run smoothly, I’d probably have no interest in fixing up others.

There are so many famous historical figures like Cleopatra, Henry the eighth , Queen Elizabeth  — some who’ve married a lot, had tumultuous affairs or never married at all. Each for various reasons that go against conventional wisdom. Some may have loved hard, but lost in the end.

The truth is no one knows what anyone’s personal life is like behind closed doors and to say they never had good love is hard to know for sure. For every couple you show me that has a great relationship I will show you a problem that they don’t show the world. So the next time your wallowing in self pity saying, “I cant find love” or criticizing celebs like J. Lo, Eva longoria, Taylor Swift or Madonna for their sad love life’s, remember they may have chose it unconsciously the same way you did.

To love anyone is truly an adventure you shouldn’t miss — one that can lead you to another love. And as my mother Rhoda Goldstien says , “When ever a boy broke my heart I remembered, Patti, men are like busses. No matter if your 18 or 80 there is always one that comes every ten min. You’ve just got to be ready to get on the bus.”

Don’t listen to the conventional crowd who doesn’t understand your single style.
Let the loves come in even if they don’t last they will probably lead you to the love of your life.


16 Responses to Ever wonder why you can’t find a love that lasts?

  1. Sanne says:

    Thank you Patti!

  2. Linda says:

    Thank you Patti! It’s tough to deal with a lot of breakups, but I forget about the past when I get excited over meeting and dating a new guy. I finally have realized that I need to “be ready to get on the bus.”

  3. Joanne says:

    I am so sick and tired Patti of being asked the same question after so many years…why are you still single Joanne, why don’t you have a husband or a boyfriend. To be quite honest I am sick of it, and I don’t even know what to answer, it just has never happened, picked the wrong one’s, and thank God I never married them. I’ve been that route when I was young and it didn’t work out. If it’s meant to be then I may find the love of my life someday.
    Great article. Thanks 🙂

  4. frank says:

    with so many women that like to cheat today, meeting a good one for a straight man like me is very hard again. i was married at one time,and i was a very caring and loving husband before she cheated on me. since she was a very stubborn woman, there was no reasoning with her to patch things up. then i went for the divorce, known now how very trashy she was. there are just too many low life loser women today than ever before, making it much more harder for us men that are looking.

  5. mark says:

    with so many women and men that are cheating today, and just can’t commit themselves to one person that would certainly do it. i am a straight man trying to find love again, especially after my wife cheated on me. it is not as easy like years ago, when both men and women were very committed.

  6. Rég. Valher says:

    Hi Patty!

    I’d like to say I love what you do!!! I watch your program every time it is possible here in Colombia! You should come cause millionaires here really need a hand! Is so difficult to find interesting people! Lol


  7. Very True says:

    since women today are certainly much different than years ago, it makes it much more harder for us guys. women today are are much more nastier now than ever before, and it is very difficult just to start a normal conversation with them.

  8. Kylin says:

    I’ve never been in a relationship, and I am 24 currently in my last semester in college. I would like to think the reason I am still single is because I have morals and I put my education first. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong to not attract the opposite sex. Please help me.

  9. Tarsoo says:

    women don’t find love because they are f*cking fussy and nobody can make them happy. no body is good enough for them. they just want a white douche who servers them like a slave without being respected. plenty of nice educated and well mannered men are out there but snobbish white chicks just look for pale douche white guys who dress like homeless people!

    • Mark says:

      To Tarsoo, have to agree on that one. and the women of years ago were certainly much easier to meet too.

  10. Mark says:

    To Tarsoo, i have to certainly agree with you on that one, and the women of today are nothing like the real ladies that we had years ago.

    • pamela says:

      Not only woman has changed but most men too making it hard for ladies that are caring and honest to find a proper gentle man for true love

      • Mark says:

        well if many of you women didn’t have an ATTITUDE PROBLEM, and play very hard to get, just maybe many of us men would be able to meet a good woman after all.

  11. jim says:

    Happy to hear that you believe in returning to live multiple times until we get it right. My worries are that at 65 I may never find a love to fulfill my last 35 or so, years of life. I’ve been single now for over 25 years. Here’s hoping for the best for you and I.

  12. TheVeryTruth says:

    the way i look at it, God punishes certain men and women like us that are looking for love but can’t seem to meet the right person to connect with. and yet so many men and women were blessed by God to have met one another and have a family, and i just don’t get it.

  13. sherry says:

    i give up…..i fail at every relationship…and the “sad” part is I don’t really think I choose the wrong types…. that leads me to believe it is me..and even more sad…I can’t figure out what I do wrong…even when I read books and articles…I can’t relate anything to myself…….help!

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