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How To Deal with the Monotony and Monogamy

Hey Everybody,

Sorry, we’ve been away for a while.

But the Love Report is back!

And it’s back with a bang. Or for some of you in monogamous relationships, it’s back with maybe a whimper and a little less banging.

Join David and I today as we talk about relationship monogamy and monotony, and how to really overcome some of that when your relationship is just in that, oh-so-funky-slow period.

You’ll get a front row seat, as David confesses today about his raging single life (it’s pretty steamy).

Who’s he dating?

What type of woman does he like?

Now I know all this because I’ve known him for so many years, so I know the exact type of woman that he likes.

And I give him a little tease here and there about where he’s meeting all these women.


I’m going to share something about my personal relationship that’s just going to — well you have to listen to find out.

Alright, see you on the Love Report.

Patti out.


One Response to How To Deal with the Monotony and Monogamy

  1. That Chick says:

    I always love your love reports Patti and they both inform my curiosity box and make me laugh but I have to ask, who does the editing cause the track goes on for 49 minutes but the actual podcast is less then 20 minutes. This was also a problem with in another earlier podcast. Haha. sorry. I just thought you might want to know.

    That said, you mentioned a little bit on your view in astrology. While I’ve read about astrology and signs numerous times, it’s always interesting to learn what other people think and why. I’d like to know more about what you think about it and your view on certain signs, dating advice for them and how certain signs click when coming together for love action time.

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