How to deal when your boyfriend travels a lot

jetsetterIn my matchmaking business, I talk to a lot of women who are dating jet-setter men. I’m convinced that no one, not even pilots, travel more than my clients. It’s a little bit of what keeps me in business because it’s so hard to meet the right person when you’re not home a lot. And, I’m happy to step in and help. But, it’s also hard to keep a long-term relationship strong and healthy when one of you is out of town all the time. And, in that scenario, I’m not around the couple enough to jump in and help. So, I’m hoping these tips help any women out there who are dealing with a man who travels a lot.

Ask Yourself If You Trust Him

This is the big question. So many women come to me, uneasy about their men traveling for work because they don’t know what he gets up to on these business trips. Here’s the thing, if you can’t trust your man when he’s on a business trip, then you can’t trust him period. And trust is the number one thing you need in a relationship. If the trust isn’t there, and his travel is highlighting that fact for you, get out of the relationship. Believe me, there’s a man out there who could travel every night of the week and be trustworthy. You just haven’t found him yet.

Make Your Time Together Count

When you’re dealing with a jetsetter, you have very limited time together. Make it count! Use it to make memories and further your relationship. Don’t just watch Netflix and fall asleep before he’s even tired. The time you are together needs to count. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to plan a Valentine’s Day level night every time you’re together. It just means that you should do stuff with a little more intention. Cook something special or go out to a place where you can really talk. If you do want to stay in and watch Netflix, make sure it’s a movie that you both like. And don’t fall asleep on the couch! Stay awake and have sex with your man! This is the only time you’re going to see him for a while. Take full advantage, woman!


Why not take some time to travel yourself? You could go on trips with him, even if he’s working. Nothing’s better than being a plus one on a business trip in a great destination. Free hotel, lots of corporately covered room service and absolutely no responsibility! You could also take your solo time to go places your man wouldn’t enjoy or even play tourist in your own town, doing the stuff he wouldn’t be down for. The bottom line is that just because he’s away, it doesn’t mean that you have to sit at home and wait for him to return. You can have your own adventures!

Hope that helps you gals who are waiting for your jetsetting dude to roll his suitcase back home!


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