5 Mantras every single girl needs to memorize before Valentine’s Day

I’m a deeply spiritual person. I’ve embraced a lot of what Eastern philosophies can teach us and have found happiness and peace through it. I know this type of spiritual practice isn’t for everyone, though. And I would never try to push that stuff on all of you. But, I would ask you to be open to mantras. Mantras don’t have to be spiritual or religious. They’re just a word, phrase or sound that you repeat. Originally, they were meant to help people concentrate during meditation. I do find them helpful for that. But, they’re not just for meditators. I find them helpful for general life outlook stuff too. Think of mantras like practicing a sport. The more you practice your layup (that’s a sports thing, right? Honestly, I have no idea!), the better you get at doing layups (layupping? Still, no idea!). The more you think a positive thought, the better you’ll get at thinking that thought. Get it? So, if you’re a single girl who’s struggling with Valentine’s Day coming up, I got you. Here are 5 mantras you need to memorize that will make you happier and more open to love.

I am the sky. Everything else is just the weather.

When I first read this quote, my mind was essentially blown out of my ears. I’m someone who can get stuck in ruts and feel overwhelmed pretty easily. Whenever this happens to me, I think of this mantra. I am consistent. My circumstances will change. And when circumstances are crappy, I think about how every storm passes and rainy seasons end eventually. So will bad dates and this period of being single.

I am grateful for everything I have.

When you’re single on Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to focus on what you don’t have. No boyfriend, no plans, no flowers and, most importantly, no chocolates! Instead of letting your mind burn all its gas thinking that, why not spend your mind power on counting the blessings you do have. Your family. Your job. Your friends. Your cat. Your Netflix account. Whatever it is, be grateful instead of empty. It’s a better way to spend your time. And buy yourself some chocolate, girl!

All I’m searching for is already inside me.

Here’s another biggie for me. Sometimes I need a reminder that I’m not only enough, but I am everything. When it comes to my life on this planet, I really can and do have it all. Nothing that happens in my life would happen without me. So, it’s truly not external stuff that’s making me happy or sad. It’s not finding the right things in me. I just need to keep looking. The key to your romantic happiness isn’t actually on Tinder, it’s in you already.

I have faith.

When it comes to finding love, the only way to find it is to be sure that you’re going to find it. Doubting that you’ll ever be happy in a partnership doesn’t serve you. Go into your quest for romance certain that the right match is out there and will come to you in the perfect time, in the perfect way. Keep the faith and you’ll be rewards.

I am love.

Be the love you want to have. Treat others with the love you want to be treated with. Love how you want to be loved. And you will be. It all starts back with you. You don’t only have to love yourself, you truly have to be love to feel love. You are love, my loves. I know it!

Choose the one (or ones) that resonate with you and practice thinking it (or them) regularly. I love focusing on a mantra when I wake up or in the shower and then again right before I go to bed. Mantras are also good when you’re in a moment of sadness or feeling overwhelmed. Take a step back from the situation and mantra out for a bit. Guarantee that you’ll feel better! Love you lots, my single readers! Your soul mate is out there! Stay positive and you’ll find them!