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What Posting ‘In A Relationship’ On Facebook Says About You: The 4 Things You Need to Know

inafbrelationshipFacebook is the ultimate breeding ground for narcissistic behavior. Think about status updates. You’re telling people every little thing that’s happened throughout your day.

I’m going to the grocery store.

So blessed to be with my friends on a beautiful day.

Thinking about buying a new car.

No one cares about the little day-to-day things. This isn’t a put down; it’s an important life lesson. How do you feel when you see someone arguing with another person on Facebook?

It’s tacky isn’t it?

What about when someone is gushing about how in love they are?

Or, the worst kind of narcissist, the kind that complains about life hoping you’ll feel pity for them.

It’s pathetic and it says to the world, “I’m insecure and I need the validation of acquaintances.”

I see a lot of inspirational quotes on Facebook. I see a lot of videos that get reposted on Facebook.

Everybody could use a good quote to get them a kick in the butt every single day. Who doesn’t like a funny video of a cat crawling up a dog’s back in the middle of the day?

But those relationship status couples need to learn a few things like…

1. A Relationship is Beautiful Thing… Between Two People.

If you look at your Facebook friends list, the majority of people on there are Fakebook friends.

Some people feel the need to stay in contact with everyone they’ve ever met, even though they’d never pick up the phone to call that person. These same people insist on shoving their relationship down decent people’s throats.

A relationship is a beautiful, intimate thing. But it’s meant to be shared between two people.

How intimate and vulnerable can you be after you’ve posted; “In A Relationship ☺” for all your so-called friends?

A relationship is private between two people.

I found that narcissists and self proclaimed media junkies love putting themselves up with a picture of their new found relationship and say: “In a relationship.”

I know when you first begin a relationship you want to scream it from the top of a building. You want the world to know you love this person and they love you.

But no one cares about the day-to-day things in your life. Not because they don’t care about you, but because they’ve got lives of their own.

Constantly shoving your happiness in their face is desperate and needy.

2. It’s Trite.

Why are you willing to expose all your frustration with your relationships, to all your fake friends on Fakebook?

Why do people feel the need to broadcast their wins or a complicated relationship situation?

Can you see how it cheapens the bond between you and your partner?

Call your mother. Call a friend (a real friend). These are intimate connections. People who genuinely revel in the joy of your personal victories and that can help you through life’s difficult moments.

We all have our good and bad moments, hard times and great times. Each life gets some sunshine and some rain. But please, keep your issues to your self.

3. The Right to Privacy.

I don’t get it.

Your private life should be private. It really should.

Share your relationship wins and other life milestones with your true friends. I don’t understand the need to tell the world you’re in a relationship, or you’re having difficulty with somebody.

The more you share with strangers the more they get to cast aspersions about your life choices.

Why would you do that?

It’s nobody’s business but yours. It gives everyone and anyone an intimate view into your private life. And the thing is…

Everyone’s got an opinion.


4. Your Kids.

All the comments you make are recorded for all time on the Internet. Once it’s up, it’s there forever. Not only can everyone on your timeline see it, but one day your children will be able to look you up and see what you wrote.

On the other hand, you should be careful of what you post about your kids. They’ll see that as well and so can anyone else.

I don’t know about you, but my child’s life is private and I don’t believe in broadcasting it on Fakebook. That’s a choice they can make when their adults.

Facebook is no different than high school for adults. Now, the people who once rejected you can validate you. You can now be fake friends with people that once rejected you. You can now think you have all these friends and you can become popular.

That’s why people post status updates because they all crave popularity again.




It’s what this whole game is all about.

It’s kind of sad.

It’s time we started validating ourselves and when we are in a relationship; keep it between the people in the relationship.

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