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What it Really Means to Find “The One”

I truly believe that you meet ”the one” – the person you know you’re supposed to be with, at whatever stage in life you’ve met them – ONLY once you’ve worked through all your shit. That is what is so frustrating for so many people.

We all want to meet somebody who understands us on energetic soul-deep core levels. We desire it. We all deserve it. Love is the greatest high you’ll ever experience and the most rewarding, safest feeling you’ll ever have.

But It Doesn’t Happen For Everybody The Same Exact Way…

Some people just meet that person.

They stumble across them in high school and they’re together the next 60 years, and they become this incredible romantic love story. Now, we all know there are ups and downs. Rough times and good times. But they stick it out because they know they’ve met the person that they have to be with, need to be with, desire to be with.

For Most of Us, Though, Dating is Like a Battlefield

Dating is this, well, semi-torturous event with endless texts, dates who ghost you. People that aren’t who they say they are. And I’ve got to tell you something. In the battlefield of dating, only the strong survive. It’s like that in all aspects of life. In business, only the strong survive.

In love, only the strong survive. You know you’ve arrived at that point where you just have battled all the bad days. Embraced all the relationships from the past, figured out why they got messed up, learned the lessons you needed to learn. And your heart still has a fraction open to meet the person that you are supposed to be with.

When You Do Meet The One, The Feeling Is This…

It’s a feeling of knowing that the future is taken care of, all your dreams, all your hopes, all your wishes.
And the reason is not because you have to look to the future or worry about the future anymore. The magic of connecting with that one person is that they are with you step-by-step in the present. Step-by-step, moment-by-moment. Minute-by-minute. Second-by-second.

They Concentrate Fully in the Present

They’re not worried about the future anymore. They’re not thinking, what if this person isn’t going to be with me? What if it doesn’t work out? They’re following the present. They’re appreciating the present. I’ve been preaching to all of you for so many years about staying present. A lot of you get confused and angry at me and you say David, what about the future? And I’ve come back with things like… The future is always a mystery. Then you get more angry and you think to yourself, then how do I plan a future? Why can’t I talk about a December vacation to Hawaii? Why can’t I talk about what I want to do next year? That’s got nothing to do with it. You can talk all you want. You can feel all you want, but when it comes down to love…

Until you meet the person that you feel 100% safe with…

Until you meet the person that you’ve been searching for, knowing that that person is your energetic love equal, spiritual equal. Romantic equal.

You Can’t Talk About The Future

You see, when you truly meet the person you’re supposed to be with.
A switch just flips off in your heart, not in your brain.

Your heart expands. Your soul expands. Your mind starts to connect to your heart. Your body feels like it’s never felt before and your heart feels like it’s never felt before because it hasn’t. Because you, the universe, God, whatever you believe in, has energetically aligned you to your person. Your special person. And then, and only then, can you talk about the future because the future is going to be rosy, amazing, and it’s going to take care of itself because the two of you keep falling in love every second and every minute of the present.

When you finally meet the one person in this world who understands you, inside and out, at that moment, you realize that your dreams, your wishes, your hopes, your life became so much better.

And Here is the Caveat…

Here is the thing that most of us don’t realize. Being in gratitude every second of every day, for the security you feel about being loved every second of the day. Whether you’re together or not, you energetically feel one another all day long. And the feeling is not only love, it’s gratitude with God and the universe finally gave you the gift that you searched so long, and so hard for.

Daily blessings mean a lot. For the people in this world who don’t give daily blessings, and aren’t living in gratitude of all the things that happened to them in the past… And they’re constantly trying to relive the past, or fight for things about the past. You’re never going to be in gratitude. You’ll never find the partner that you’re supposed to be with.
Love has no boundaries. The heart has no boundaries. All four chambers will be filled with love… if you just let go of the past, and the embrace the present seconds with the amazing person that you’re with.