Think it through: Are you being too judgmental?

Are you being too judgmental when it comes to love? The short answer is, well, yeah, you might be. Don’t feel bad though. We’re all judgmental at times. We have to make snap decisions when it comes to dating. If we didn’t, we’d literally have to go on one date with every man in the world. And even as someone who loves love, that sounds terrible! That being said, there are plenty of men out there who may not be exactly what you imagined your Prince Charming to be like, but could still make you really happy and feel like a princess. To find those unlikely princes, you’re going to have to learn to overlook a few small things.


Yes, the clothes make the man, and I do insist on a wardrobe makeover for many of my clients. The truth is though that my fabulously sweet and relationship-ready clients are just as fabulously sweet and relationship-ready when they’re in their denim tuxedos as they are when I put them in Burberry button-ups. I’m just snazzing them up so my female clients can see their potential more clearly. But the potential is there even when he’s a fashion disaster. Just because the guy in front of you doesn’t have a professional matchmaker to help him in the wardrobe department doesn’t mean that he’s not dating material. So look past the occasional Hawaiian shirt.


It’s easy to judge a man by the company he keeps. And you should be wary of a guy who’s friends with scummy dudes. But if his friends are decent people that you just don’t happen to want to exchange BFF jewelry with, I say hold your judgments. So what if he’s in a dorky crowd? You’re not trying to date the crowd. You’re trying to date him. And if you two have a connection, that’s the only relationship in his life you should be focusing on. Your relationship with his friends will grow as your relationship with him grows.


You’re probably thinking, “Um, the founder of the Millionaire’s Club telling me not to care about a job status?” What I mean is don’t make decisions based on his job alone. For example, I have a good girlfriend who won’t date anyone in finance. “They’re all douches,” she tells me. And you know what? Yeah, there are a lot of douches in finance. But there are a lot of nice guys too. And I’m sure there are some not-so-nice kindergarten teachers out there, despite our common perceptions. You can’t pigeonhole a man’s personality based on his job alone. You have to get to know him. I bet my girlfriend wouldn’t be single if she gave more men a shot.


I get that balding isn’t a hot look. But it’s a fact of life for anyone who’s hoping to meet a man over 25. Men can’t help it if they’re balding, just like we can’t help what our bangs look like when it’s humid. (Honestly, I shudder to think of someone judging me during my bangs days when I lived in humid Miami. Bleh!) There are a lot of sexy men out there who are bald or balding.

Honestly, do you think you’re too judgmental?