How to tell if he doesn’t want a second date

If you read this site enough, you’ll know that I’m basically obsessed with open and honest communication when it comes to relationships. To make it work with a partner, you need to talk about everything. And I really mean everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly! And place special emphasis on talking about those last two—the bad and the ugly. Because that’s when communication is really important. All of that is true for relationships, but the communication stuff doesn’t really hold water when it comes to dating. In a first date scenario, there is no communication. It’s two people in a very intimate situation who don’t have an intimate connection. And without an intimate connection, clear and open communication is simply impossible. So, you need to learn to read between the lines. Here’s how to tell if he doesn’t want a second date based on clues you can pick up from your first date.

man on phone

He’s on his phone

Ok, it’s 2016. We all have smart phones and have an umbilical cord-like connection to them. I get that! But, there are times when phones are inappropriate. And first dates are one of those times. He should be focusing all of his attention on you. Checking texts, work e-mails and sports scores is a really bad sign of his interest in you and in a second date. If you don’t keep his attention when you’re at your first date finest and your most dolled up, then you guys just aren’t a match. Don’t blame yourself at all. It’s just not meant to be. And it definitely won’t turn into a second date.

He ends it early

If your date ends any earlier than two hours, it’s a dud and not turning into a second date. Even if he has an excuse like work in the morning, it’s still a dud. Guess what? Everyone has work in the morning! That’s when work starts. A guy who’s into you won’t be thinking about his work responsibilities because he’ll be too focused on you to even remember what his computer password is. Again, this isn’t something you should take personally. It happens. I bet even Jennifer Lawrence has had a guy leave a date with her early. Onwards and upwards to the next guy, who you’ll hopefully click with more.

He doesn’t get in touch

I know there are dating experts out there who will tell you that you need to be more assertive, especially in this day and age. But, I’m so against that. Men go after what they want in every element of their lives and dating is no exception. If a man likes you and wants to go out with you again, he’ll straight up ask you. If he doesn’t, he won’t. In my opinion, there’s no debate about it. So, if there’s no text or call the next day, there’s no second date. You can ask him out if you want to, but I highly doubt that he’ll accept the offer.

Like I said throughout this, none of these things should discourage you. I’m not telling you this stuff to make you feel like crap. I’m telling you all of this so you don’t waste your time or brain power obsessing over if he’ll ask you out again. If any of the three things apply to your first date, he won’t. Move on. The more quickly you do, the more quickly you’ll meet a man who will be excited about a second date with you!