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You are who you date!

You are who you date
You are what you eat. I am not just talking food here Muffins.  I’m talking men! What kind of men are you choosing to EAT?  Yes. That’s right. I said it. You are what you eat.  Just like, you are who you hang out with. Hence,  guilty by association.  You become your environment. Read more

Are YOU The Reason You Can’t Find Love?

Woman searches for love
Do you find most your dates end up going nowhere? Do find yourself sitting home alone on Saturday nights while most your friends are snuggling with their partners in front of a movie? Have you tried meeting a man online but ended up disappointed? Believe me. I get thousands of emails a week, and I hear it all. You met a guy who really wanted to be with you, and just as you opened up to him, he stopped calling and texting you. You don’t think online dating works. You feel like there are no good men out there. You feel unsexy and undesirable. You blame past relationships for ruining your self-confidence. No men approach you. There are no men in your age range available. Read more

Body Shock: I Feel Ugly And Unsexy

Woman feels ugly on the outside
Do you secretly hate the way you look? Do you look in the mirror and despise the woman looking back at you? Do you believe men don’t find you attractive? So many women struggle with self-image problems it’s untrue. I hear it all the time, and it really makes me sad. I don’t care whether you’re overweight, whether you’re short, whether you’re breasts hang by your knees, whatever, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Read more

No Sex Without Self Love

Woman looks in the mirror in order to learn to love herself
I am a 22 year old millennial dating in a world where communication is not valued, break ups happen via text, and your relationship is not official unless you’re FBO. (Facebook official) On my radio program, The Chelsea Krost Show, we have talked about everything regarding love, sex, orgasms, and relationships. Interestingly enough, there is always a recurring pattern that each expert stresses as the key to having a healthy relationship. Read more

3 Steps To Dating Success: Overcoming Dating Obstacles

dating obstacles list
Last week I outlined the top 10 dating obstacles that my clients face. This week, let’s talk about how I work with them to overcome these challenges. Here is where my job as not only a matchmaker, but as a coach kicks in.  Remember, a matchmaker is more than someone who sets singles up on dates. A major aspect of the job is to support and coach clients every step of the way-- including before the dating process begins. Read more

Make changes to take action in your life

September always feels like such a wonderful month to me. It ushers in a change of season from summer to autumn, retailers begin delivering fall clothing and for me personally, it signifies another birthday that is rapidly on it’s way. Today I celebrate my 37th birthday. Though it’s not as significant its predecessors sixteen, twenty-one or even thirty, it still resonates with just as much excitement as the rest. You see to me, birthdays are not about age or wrinkles, they are more about wisdom and how one has grown. For as long as I can remember, I usually spend the day before my birthday looking back and reflecting on what I have learned and how I can better myself as I go forward. In that continued tradition, I have looked no further than my own backyard to set up camp. Today I am on the rooftop of the London Hotel, arguably one of the best views in the city. At sunset, this easily becomes one of the most romantic places in West Hollywood. Definitely remember this as a perfect date spot! In order to get into the writing mood, I need two things: a good scenic view and a cocktail. Today, courtesy of the London, I am sipping on a “Ginger Blossom” while I take in a near perfect 75-degree sunset. Juices are now flowing. Read more