The Adventures of Cupid in Boystown

Make changes to take action in your life

September always feels like such a wonderful month to me.

It ushers in a change of season from summer to autumn, retailers begin delivering fall clothing and for me personally, it signifies another birthday that is rapidly on it’s way.

Today I celebrate my 37th birthday.

Though it’s not as significant its predecessors sixteen, twenty-one or even thirty, it still resonates with just as much excitement as the rest.

You see to me, birthdays are not about age or wrinkles, they are more about wisdom and how one has grown.

For as long as I can remember, I usually spend the day before my birthday looking back and reflecting on what I have learned and how I can better myself as I go forward. In that continued tradition, I have looked no further than my own backyard to set up camp.

Today I am on the rooftop of the London Hotel, arguably one of the best views in the city. At sunset, this easily becomes one of the most romantic places in West Hollywood. Definitely remember this as a perfect date spot!

In order to get into the writing mood, I need two things: a good scenic view and a cocktail. Today, courtesy of the London, I am sipping on a “Ginger Blossom” while I take in a near perfect 75-degree sunset.

Juices are now flowing.

So why, you ask, do I choose to reflect on wisdom over anything else from the last year?

The answer is simple: change.

Change is the single most important action that one can take in their life. Whenever reflecting back on the mistakes you made, the success you had and the things you could have done better, they create a simple thread of wisdom.

It is with that wisdom that one should take action in order to become “better.”

This action should move you to become a better person, a better employee, a better friend and yes—a better lover.

Did you recently go through a breakup?

Okay, then ask yourself why did that happen. Analyze every part of that relationship to see what you could have done better. Even if the relationships demise was not your fault. Could you have seen a red flag earlier?

Are you still single?

Okay then, do you ever consider that maybe something that you are doing is contributing to your inability to find a partner? If you keep making the same mistakes over and over again, at what point do you say to yourself, you must try something new?

The important part about this exercise is that you take some accountability in your experiences. If there is no accountability, then you will never have the wisdom to move forward and grow?

So what happens if you choose not to be accountable? What happens if we ignore every bad day, every mistake, every success and every big break?

The answer is nothing—you will survive.

Take a moment to consider this, according to the dictionary, the definition of survive is, “to continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship.”

That sounds awful!

You are simply “existing” despite your hardship?!

When it comes to relationships, existing as an individual should not be a hardship. When it comes to life, existing shouldn’t be something one settles for.

I speak as the Gay Yoda here sharing with all of you a bit of my birthday wisdom: take a moment to reflect on your life.

You must THRIVE!

Why are we settling for just getting by in love (and life) when all we have to do is use the wisdom that life has given us?

I speak as the Gay Yoda here sharing with all of you a bit of my birthday wisdom: take a moment to reflect on your life.

Figure out how you made the mistakes you made as well as how you made some of those success stories happen. Deep within each of them is wisdom that can be used to repeat success and avoid failure.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could repeat your best day ever…everyday?

Make some time to sit and really take it all in. It doesn’t have to be all serious…I mean I am sitting poolside at The London!

Make “Me Time” a fabulous tradition either by yourself or with your best friends.

Maybe I will see you at the London Hotel and we will cheers to a new year ahead! It doesn’t matter how you do it, just get it done.


Until Next Blog,

David (aka Cupid)