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No Sex Without Self Love

Woman looks in the mirror in order to learn to love herselfI am a 22 year old millennial dating in a world where communication is not valued, break ups happen via text, and your relationship is not official unless you’re FBO. (Facebook official) On my radio program, The Chelsea Krost Show, we have talked about everything regarding love, sex, orgasms, and relationships. Interestingly enough, there is always a recurring pattern that each expert stresses as the key to having a healthy relationship.

Each relationship guru has said communication is everything. I could not agree more, face-to-face communication, being present, and being honest are all key ingredients to a happy duo. However, as a young woman I think that the message, “love yourself before you seek love from another, is not talked about enough. And I don’t mean love your self in a preachy kind of way…I mean be your best damn self in the year 2014.

And I don’t mean love your self in a preachy kind of way…I mean be your best damn self in the year 2014.

I think that young woman are in yucky relationships or not in a relationship at all because something is lacking from within. The Millennial generation has been coined, “The Hook Up Culture.” SHOKER! Men and women today are sleeping around in order to feel a connection but instead it is making them feel more isolated and depressed. There are things we can do as woman to prevent us from feeling alone, boost our self esteem, and radiate energy of self love, which will ultimately attract the right guy for you!

Stop Picture Stalking:

Stop comparing yourself to other girls who are skinner, who have perfect hair, and who have legs that go on for days. Sizing yourself up to another woman whether she is your best friend, enemy, or stranger is going to do nothing positive for your self-confidence. The reality is that nobody posts a picture of themselves that they think they look bad in. If you recognize that your seeking affirmation via social media, then it’s best to put the phone down and re-evaluate how you can get true re-enforcement elsewhere.

New Year New Look:

Have you always wanted to die your hair blonde, cut straight across bangs, move to another city, or be bold and commit to a 90-day work out program. What is stopping you? We’re our own worst enemies. Sometimes we need to re-invent our physical appearance to re-boost our self-confidence and help us feel like a new and improved person. For example, I recently moved across the country, died by hair lighter, and committed to a new yoga regiment and I am feeling kick ass. When you feel comfortable in your own skin, that confidence and self-assurance is “more sexy” to a man than a size zero waist.

Avoid The Hunt:

Being on the prowl aka looking for your next relationship sets you up for failure. When you plan on going out with your girlfriends and have an agenda to find a guy that night and don’t; that effects your self esteem. You start thinking what did I do wrong, say wrong, wear wrong? NO, NO, NO! If you’re going out with your girlfriends go out with your girlfriends. Be present, laugh, dance, and do your thing.