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How to make sure your relationship survives an infertility battle

I swear there was a 15 year long period of my life when it seemed like every single one of my friends was dealing with infertility. It was sad for everyone and broke my heart to feel so helpless when my friends were struggling. Infertility is a problem many couples face, but few share publicly. Of course, I don’t blame anyone for that. It’s an emotional rollercoaster and I understand wanting to keep something that fraught private. But, the privacy of the struggle can lead to relationship issues with no one to turn to for advice. Read more

Why your bad date wasn’t actually bad

Several of my good friends and I are single right now and we’re in constant communication about our dates. It’s really fun to have this massive group text going. I love the updates and I feel super supported as I dip my toes back into the dating pool. One thing I’ve noticed that’s been bugging me, though, is that my friends are super harsh when they have a bad date. They’ll be mad that they wasted time on a dud and really negative about the whole experience. Here’s the thing…I actually don’t think there’s such a thing as a bad date. There’s always something positive to take away. If you don’t believe me, think about these three things. Read more

How A Disturbing Puppy Dream Helped A Woman Avoid Disaster in Her Relationship

You may recall, in a previous article I wrote for this site - http://www.pattiknows.com/3-common-relationship-symbols-dream/ - I mentioned that dogs are the number one symbol in our dreams that points to relationship issues. Dogs are known for being man’s best friend and loyal companions. Because of this, dogs in dreams have come to represent our own loyalty towards someone as well as someone’s loyalty towards us. Read more

How Your Dreams Help You Navigate Your Relationships

Woman sleeping and dreams to guide her relationship

The other morning I was a guest on a radio show in Philadelphia. Listeners were calling in and asking me about their strange dreams.  A lady named Nancy called in and her dream caused me great concern. She said for the last 10 years she had been having a recurring dream, at least once a week, that she was being shot at by German Fighter Jets. She thought the dream may have to do with her father since he was a pilot for the Navy during World War II.

I asked her, “Is your father still with us and if so is he really hard on you?” Read more

How to Derail Your Relationship

Train derailed on bridge
The saddest thing about my job is when my clients’ relationships can’t be saved. But what I find to be most frustrating is when their troubles could have been prevented. It’s super easy to derail a relationship, and knowing what leads to a relationship’s end can also help you prevent it from happening. Read more

Should You Carry His “Baggage?”

Man carried his baggage
Here’s something to consider. When you describe your perfect partner, how often do you include baggage in your list of desires? How many times do you look for emotional issues in your ideal man? The chances are you NEVER deliberately look for men with baggage, because baggage comes with its own set of problems. So what if you met a guy who was perfect in every other way, except for the fact he was carrying around something from his past that still affected him today? Read more