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The Number One Key To Life: 50/50

Here is the key to happiness on all levels. You're 50% responsible for everything that happens in your life. Do not blame anybody for any situation you're in. You're 50% responsible. I would love to be able to blame some people for some of the stuff that I'm in, but I'm 50% responsible for that. Read more

What to do when your friend’s partner mistreats them

This situation happened many, many years ago and a lot of old wounds have healed since then, which is why I feel comfortable sharing this now. It was a pretty painful memory for a while. A friend in my circle was dating a man she was crazy about. We were all out one night, a whole big group of us, and no one’s sure what, but something my friend said really triggered him and he got incredibly mad, called her a terrible name and then storm out. It was so hostile and mean and out of nowhere. There’s nothing my friend could have done to warrant this reaction. She was humiliated and left. The next time I saw her, she was with him. Apparently, everything was back to hunk dory. Read more

The Key To A Great Relationship: Two Things You Need To Know

The other night, a friend of mine who was dating a new woman, called me up and said, “David. She called me out.” I said to him, “What do you mean, she called you out?” “Oh, you know, we've only been dating a couple of weeks. We really like each other, and I kind of wasn't present for her. She called me out.“ I told him this girl is a keeper. He looked at me and said Read more

7 Ways To Get Your Man To Feel Romantic

Women ask me all the time, "What do men find romantic?" It's interesting. There are a lot of women who think that all men (as a gender) are not romantic. I also get a lot of women who email me and say something like, "I wish my boyfriend was more romantic." Let me tell you something. There are also a lot of men who wish their girlfriends are more romantic. For those women out there who are looking to be more romantic for your man, or to really light a fire in your relationship, here are seven quick tips on how to get your man to feel romantic Read more

When it’s OK to have a secret relationship

I was watching the Shahs of Sunset reunion—yes, I’m that far behind on my TV! It’s been a busy summer!—and Asa was taking a lot of shit for keeping her relationship off camera. Even though they were pushing her on it, the entire cast did agree that her relationship was going to last the longest out of all of theirs because she was keeping it private. That got me thinking about how sometimes secret relationships are the best relationships. When it comes to happiness in a relationship, it’s now about how happy you seem to everyone else. It’s about how happy you actually are. Read more

Why tough times are good for relationships

Maybe your career isn’t going well right now or there are health issues in your family. Money could be tight or maybe something’s triggering bad memories. Whatever the case is, I’m sorry that you’re struggling right now. If there’s any comfort in knowing that you’re not alone, you’re really, truly not. Tough times happen to everyone, no matter how happy, healthy or wealthy they are. Headwinds are just part of life. They’re the crappy awful part, but it’s a very real part. And I actually think hardship can be helpful in a relationship. Here’s why. Read more