“Help! I can’t orgasm during sex”

A woman has an orgasm during sex
Dear Emily, I am 26-years-old and (as far as I know) I have never orgasmed during sex. I have an amazing boyfriend that I am so incredibly in love with. I’m having the best sex of my life and I still feel like I should orgasm because my body tightens up, my breathing quickens, and my muscles feel slightly strained. However, I never orgasm. Read more

Should you marry a man who makes less than you?

Couple fans money. Who makes more?
This weekend I got asked a very interesting question from one of my favorite girlfriends. She’s fabulous and beautiful and very, very successful. She’s one of my best friends and one of my role models. And it’s a very rare thing when she comes to me for advice. Normally, it’s the other way around. (Get your chins off your chests, people! Yes, sometimes even I ask for advice!) Here’s the deal. My friend is dating a man whom she suspects make less than she does. They haven’t talked numbers yet, but she’s pretty sure. And she was wondering if I thought she should get serious, and maybe even marry, a man who makes less than she does. Well, I had some thoughts for her that I thought I’d share with you all too, hoping they’d help you too. Read more

How do I get him to kiss me?

Man goes in for a kiss with a woman
So, you're dating a shy boy. (You notice I don't use the term shy man.) You're dating the guy. You've been on a couple of dates. And he’s just terrified to kiss you. You start thinking to yourself, “How do I get him to kiss me? What’s wrong with me?” There's nothing wrong with you! There are just some guys out there that are absolutely terrified to initiate any physical contact with a woman. In fact, guys ask me at my seminars all the time, “How do I initiate a kiss with a woman?” Read more

Here to help, just Ask Justin!

Ask Justin Bird
Have you ever sat down for dinner with a group of friends and as soon as everyone started to order, you instantly felt sorry for the waiter? Between substitutions, special requests and temperature requirements- people are very specific about what they want just for dinner. So it should come as no surprise to you that when it comes to dating, people can be just as picky if not more complicated. Read more

#AskPatti: The MIA guy, avoiding online dating & physical attraction

Ask Patti Stanger
Hope you lovelies has a gorgeous week. I definitely did. I’ve been super swamped with work recently, but I had some very successful dates with several of my clients this week. And getting those phone calls is the best. I’d stay in the office until midnight every single day of the year if it meant more gleeful post-first date calls. Another reason my week was so great was your questions. Let’s jump into them. Read more

The Super Sex Diet

chocolate cake in the shape of a heart
Here’s a dilemma: a choice between a big old piece of rich, gooey chocolate cake or rock-your-world sex. Tough call—right? That’s because food and sex are two of the most powerful and closely related human desires. Both the sensual gratifications of a decadent sweet and mind-blowing sex literally turn on the pleasure receptors in the brain. Feed Your Libido Have a rendezvous with food in the kitchen and in the bedroom and double your pleasure. With my Super Sex Diet you won’t have to decide between a great romp and a rich dessert. Here’s how… Read more