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4 Steps to Reach Your Career Goals in the New Year


I’ve learned a lot over the last 16 years as a matchmaker. To be successful in this business you not only have to have a knack for matching singles, but you also have to be an exceptional businessperson.

If you are looking for career success in this new year, here are four steps I have learned are imperative to follow!

Step 1: Take a chance on yourself

If you sense that a career change is what you need to live a more fulfilled life, take a chance and see where your passion leads you. Change can be very hard and scary, but with risk often comes reward, and the payoff can be life changing. Your career should be something that is fulfilling, makes you happy, and sparks eagerness for Monday morning to arrive. Be courageous this new year, and make sure that the career path you are following its towards one that you love.


Step 2:  Find a mentor

So often I see new matchmakers come out of the gate running in a direction they believe to be the avenue for success, but they have no experience running a successful agency. The interesting thing is, this is a problem for experienced matchmakers, and for business people in general. To avoid a plan that ends up costing a lot of extra time and money, I suggest finding someone who has already traveled the road of success who can help guide you in the right direction. This will aid you in achieving your career goals more efficiently.


Step 3:  Write your business plan

A business without defined goals and clear plans is bound to fail. Determine your goals. Write a strategy. Monitor your progress along the way and make adjustments to achieve your final destination. I have had to rewrite business plans for my Matchmaking business many times as the industry changes and as I change. The key is to be open to adaptation.


Step 4: Be accountable to someone other than yourself

When you start off on a new career path, or are making the effort to find one, be sure to find someone who will hold you accountable. This can be your mentor, a business advisor, or a trusted friend. For example, many certified matchmakers work with one another to hold each other accountable to their business plans and can also offer feedback or act as a sounding board when challenges occur. If you are in search of a group like this, try joining a networking group in your area.

Cheers to love and reaching all of your career goals in 2015!