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5 Reasons Valentine’s Day is the perfect night for a first date


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, people! If you’re single, you’ve probably given up on having a romantic V-Day evening with a special someone. Well, don’t give up yet. I have a special suggestion for you! I think you should update your online dating profile, start messaging men and set up a first date with someone who seems fabulous for February 14th. That’s right. You read that correctly. A first date on Valentine’s Day! Here’s why I think it’s a great idea.

The most low pressure Valentine’s Day date ever

Talk about taking the pressure off. A normal Valentine’s Day dinner is stilted and stiff and doesn’t live up to either of your expectations. But, a first date has none of that build up. If it’s great, wow! What a win. But if it’s not, who cares? It’s easy to write off as a meh first date and move on. Trust me, it’ll be the best Valentine’s Day you ever have, even if it’s crummy date.



Valentine’s Day sets you up for a romantic night and sets the tone for a great relationship. Imagine your anniversary being on Valentine’s Day! How amazing, right? Love is truly in the air on February 14th and it’s super simple to kick a first date up a few notches and crank the romance. Wearing a sexy a red dress and flowers are totally expected on Valentine’s Day. Instant romance!


Good vibes

I know I sound like a crazy Californian hippy when I say this, but good vibes are an X-factor you normally can’t control on dates. The good vibes are either there or not. But, on Valentine’s Day, the good vibes are already out there, priming the day for love. So, take advantage of the vibes!


Great people watching

You don’t have to worry about stilted conversation on a first date if it’s taking place on Valentine’s Day. You’ll have the absolute best people watching. If you go to a fancy restaurant, maybe you’ll see a proposal. If you go somewhere less fancy shmancy, you can watch singles hit on each other. So much free entertainment!


What else are you doing?

Yo, single girl, what else are you going to do on Valentine’s Day? Sit at home and watch Netflix? Come on! Get out there. Have some fun. Enjoy Valentine’s Day!

Anyone have any fabulous Valentine’s Day first date stories to share in the comments and encourage other singles to take this risk? If so, please share!