What your millionaire’s holiday gift says about your relationship

Holiday GiftAre you dating a millionaire and curious about where your relationship stands, but too afraid to ask? Well, his or her holiday gift could be the key to the information you’re looking for. Of course, I’m always a proponent of direct and honest communication, but even someone as up front as I am can feel a little timid about asking for a DTR when you’re new to dating someone. So, little hints can be really helpful in figuring it out. Here’s what your millionaire’s holiday gift to you might be saying about your relationship.

A trip

Woo hoo! We’re starting with a big winner here. A shared trip for the two of you is a jackpot of a holiday gift to receive from any new romantic interest, millionaire or not. It indicates that they want to spend a lot of time with you and want to make new memories with you. It’s a really great sign about the future of this relationship. So, be grateful for the trip and excited for what’s coming your way.

Something sentimental

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m a total cheeseball and sentimental gifts are my absolute favorite to receive. A present that plays into a shared memory or inside joke is a great sign in any relationship, but especially in one with a millionaire. Very wealthy people often have their assistants handle gifts for them. So, a deeply personal gift means that your millionaire felt that it was important enough to find and buy the gift themselves. A wonderful indication of how they feel about you.


This is a tricky one because it can go either way. Like I mentioned before, millionaires with assistants often have their assistants handle gifts and jewelry is an easy thing for an assistant to purchase. If the jewelry isn’t particularly personal or something you two picked out together, I’d guess your millionaire didn’t pick it out at all. And that’s not a great sign. If you think the jewelry is straight from your millionaire and exactly your taste, that’s a different (very good) story, but, unfortunately, that’s normally not the case.

Spa treatments

As much fun as a facial or massage is, this actually isn’t a great present to get. A spa gift card is something people give to their secretaries. It’s a nice gesture, but not a sign of intimacy or romance. Unless the spa treatment is a couple’s activity where you two will be experiencing something romantic together, a spa treatment present says I don’t know you that well and didn’t put any time or thought into this. Sorry, sister. I don’t see a good long term outcome for this relationship.


Do I even have to say it? Getting nothing over the holidays from your millionaire boo is a majorly bad sign. There’s no way they forgot it’s Christmas. What they forgot is you! This means the millionaire thinks of this relationship as casual. Very, very casual. The silver lining is that at least you know now before you get any more invested. It’s a small and not that shiny silver lining, I know. This really, really sucks!

For those of you who got gifts, hope they were great. And for those of you who didn’t, know that a new fantastic lover is coming your way. I’m really sure of it!