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5 Holiday gift ideas for the millionaire lady who has everything

The holidays are just around the corner and if you’re dating a millionaire lady, that means that you’re in store for a whole lot of “what to get her” stress. I’m hoping I can cut down on that stress and help you focus on holiday cheer with a list of gift ideas that I’m positive every single millionaire lady would love. And yes, even millionaire ladies who already have everything. Here are my top five picks for gifts for her this year. Read more

What your millionaire’s holiday gift says about your relationship

Are you dating a millionaire and curious about where your relationship stands, but too afraid to ask? Well, his or her holiday gift could be the key to the information you’re looking for. Of course, I’m always a proponent of direct and honest communication, but even someone as up front as I am can feel a little timid about asking for a DTR when you’re new to dating someone. So, little hints can be really helpful in figuring it out. Here’s what your millionaire’s holiday gift to you might be saying about your relationship. Read more

How to tell if your new guy is getting you a holiday gift

Congrats! You recently started dating someone who seems pretty great. That’s a truly wonderful thing. The pre-holiday timing could be a stressor, though. I know it would be for me. When the holidays hit in the first few weeks or months of a relationship, it can be tough to figure out how exactly to handle the gift giving aspect of those events. You two probably haven’t even had the exclusivity talk yet, so are you at a gift giving level? Would a gift from you scare him off? Would not getting him a gift make him feel unappreciated? Here’s how to tell if he’s planning on buying you a gift so you know if you should get him one. Read more

5 holiday gifts to put on your list if you’re dating a millionaire… and have been very good this year!

[Repost from Millionaire's Club - View Here] Hear that? That ringing sound? It’s not jingle bells! It’s cash registers binging with sales because holiday shopping time is upon us! Can you believe it? This year has been one of the fastest of my life and I’m shocked that it’s time to start making our lists and checking them twice for holiday shopping. The best way to make sure you get what you really want this year is to actually tell your loved ones. That may take some of the surprise out of Christmas morning, but it guarantees that your friends and family are spending their hard earned money on things you’ll truly enjoy. And I think that outweighs the surprise factor in terms of importance. Plus, there are always surprises from Santa! Read more

Jewelry for Men: 5 Pieces of jewelry to get the man who has everything

Jewelry for Men? When you're dating a wealthy man, treating him to something special to show how much you care can be a bit of a challenge. What could be a treat for someone who can buy whatever they want? Well, something people, even the fanciest schmanciest people, rarely think to get themselves is jewelry. And I know that jewelry is a gift most people associate with ladies, but a well groomed man likes and needs a little sparkle just as much as we womenfolk. My rule for manery (man-jewelry) is a dab’ll do ya. Read more

5 Things that should be on your Christmas wish list

woman opens a gift for Christmas
Not sure what to ask for from your special someone this year? I always go blank when my boo asks me what gifts I want. So, over the past few months I’ve been taking notes when I think of good ideas for what my man can get me for the holidays. That way, I’ll be prepped when he pops the holiday gift question. Here’s what I have on my list that you should have on yours too. Read more