Jewelry for Men: 5 Pieces of jewelry to get the man who has everything

Jewelry for MenJewelry for Men? When you’re dating a wealthy man, treating him to something special to show how much you care can be a bit of a challenge. What could be a treat for someone who can buy whatever they want? Well, something people, even the fanciest schmanciest people, rarely think to get themselves is jewelry. And I know that jewelry is a gift most people associate with ladies, but a well groomed man likes and needs a little sparkle just as much as we womenfolk. My rule for manery (man-jewelry) is a dab’ll do ya. Typically, one piece at a time is perfect. Occasionally, a really stylin’ dude can get away with two pieces at once. Because man-bling has to be kept to a tasteful minimum, it’s super important that your fellow has the right pieces. Here’s where you come in! You can get him the perfect bling to make him sparkle like the star you think he is.

Cuff links – Jewelry for Men

I’m sure your fellow already has cuff links. But, a man always needs more. Cuff links are to wealthy men what shoes are to women. They’re a well-curated collection that they build over time. Add to it with a pair that’s really special. You could get him cuff links from a place you two traveled together, a custom made piece from his favorite designer or if you’re looking for something cute and out of the ordinary, I’d suggest these Bumble Bee Cuff Links from Deacon & Francis. I had a boyfriend who used to call me “B.” It was short for “baby.” These would have been so perfect for him. Too bad he wound up being a total schmuck! I’ll save that story for another time!

Bracelet – Jewelry for Men

If your man wears a watch, I bet he’d be into a nice bracelet. If he doesn’t, he might not like anything on his wrist. So, I’d avoid getting him wrist wear. But, for the man with a wrist open for decorating, an understated bracelet can do the trick. When it comes to man-sparkle, my all time favorite designer is David Yurman. I love this new Armory Figure-Eight Link Bracelet with Black Diamonds. Black diamonds are so sexy and surprisingly masculine when designed well. And they totally are in this bracelet.

Leather cuff – Jewelry for Men

It might be because I’ve always had a thing for punk guys, but leather cuffs on men just do it for me. It’s such a bad boy look and I find a man with leather on his wrist completely irresistible. I’ve found an option that is a little less basement band show and a bit more boardroom than my original punk boy faves. Behold this Salvatore Ferragamo Double Wrap Double Gancini Bracelet. Can’t you just picture this on a man in a perfectly tailored suit? I’m getting hot just thinking about it!

Pocketknife – Jewelry for Men

When you think “pocketknife,” you may think Boy Scout. But, trust me. A real man carries a pocketknife. And if he’s going to do it, it might as well be a fabulous one, right? David Yurman strikes again. The brand partnered with Swiss Army to bring us this fantastic Waves Swiss Army Knife. It’s masculine and decorative all at the same time.

Chain – Jewelry for Men

Chains on men get a really bad rep. They’re often seen as cheesy or the sign of a guy who’s too slick for his own good. But, when they’re styled right and perfectly subtle, a chain can make a man look like a gentleman. This Herringbone Chain from Konstantino hits all the right notes, in my humble opinion. It’s classy, chic and just shiny enough to add a little something to his ensemble without being totally eye-catching. Perfection!

Of course, the best piece of jewelry for your man to be wearing is a wedding band with your initials engraved in it. But, getting him that is a whole other post. So, I’ll save my thoughts on that one.