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5 Things that should be on your Christmas wish list

woman opens a gift for ChristmasNot sure what to ask for from your special someone this year? I always go blank when my boo asks me what gifts I want. So, over the past few months I’ve been taking notes when I think of good ideas for what my man can get me for the holidays. That way, I’ll be prepped when he pops the holiday gift question. Here’s what I have on my list that you should have on yours too.


  • Lingerie

    I know what you’re thinking…this is really a gift for him. Well, no, really it’s the gift of good sex, which is a gift for both of you! There’s something special and cute about a man going into a lingerie store for his woman. I love the romantic awkwardness of that. And it will feel great to have on something you know your man thinks is super, super sexy.

  • Fancy time alone

    Ask your man to get you something really special for you to do by yourself.

    I’m a huge proponent of alone time in relationships. Don’t forget to date yourself, girl! Ask your man to get you something really special for you to do by yourself. Maybe it’s nice bath salts for a hot bath alone while he takes the kids to the park or maybe it’s packing you trail mix and making a playlist for you to go on a hike solo. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, just him planning out alone time that you’ll love!

  • A class together

    Learning something new together as a couple is so fun. You two could take dance lessons or a cooking class. Or maybe even go super bold and take archery or skydiving. As long as it’s something new and a little out of both of your comfort zones, it works.

  • Homemade meal

    There is nothing better than a man cooking you dinner. I’m so lucky. My honey is a gourmet chef and always cooks me the tastiest healthy meals. But, even if your guy isn’t a regular in the kitchen, a meal made with love tastes really good. I’ve eaten pasta and jarred sauce from a man that was better that any of the five star Italian meals I’ve had. It’s cheesy, but true—you can always taste the love!

  • The Beyonce album

    Just because if this isn’t on your holiday wishlist, you’re crazy!

Happy holidays from me to you! Mwah!