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The Magical Power Of A Smile

pickup linesI was in WholeFoods the other night, loading up on some groceries.

As I was leaving and walking into the parking lot, this woman was loading her groceries into the back of her BMW station wagon.

She saw me and smiled at me. I smiled back.

Ahhh, the magical power of a smile.

I’m going to explain to you what a smile does to a man and what it triggers inside his brain, and why you should be smiling more.

The minute she smiled at me, I smiled back. I kept walking. I had to get somewhere. But I kept thinking about that smile for the next five or ten minutes.

Why? Because it was warm. It was inviting. It felt nice.

A smile is a natural releaser. Positive body language that signals someone you are attractive. In other words, it makes them feel good.

In today’s modern world where we’re always holding our phone and rushing off to be somewhere, that smile is all it really takes to change the course of your love life.

I didn’t talk to her. I wish I did. I probably should have.

I didn’t that day.

But that smile lasts. I’m still thinking about it.

That smile makes me feel good. Somebody smiled at you. It says to a man, “Hey I find you appealing, I find you attractive. You can come and talk to me. You can come and say hello.”

It’s really the most forgotten thing about flirting. A warm, beautiful, inviting smile on a January night.

Sometimes that’s all it takes to trigger an attraction between a man and a woman.

Think about how you react when you see a beautiful smile. How do you feel?

It makes you feel warm inside.

Think about when a child smiles at you, how you feel. Think about when anybody smiles at you, how it makes you feel.

It’s really nice and it’s all it takes sometimes to attract a man.

Her smile made me feel great. It made me feel good. I know, I didn’t talk to her. But that’s okay. Because I feel good. I feel attractive. I feel nice. That’s really all it takes.

A beautiful smile is a great start to get a man to come over and talk to you.

By smiling at a man you’re not giving him the impression that you want to be picked up or that you’re promiscuous. It’s merely an invitation to say “hello” and see where it goes.

Most men need a sign. Something that signals their reptilian brains that he needs to be the man. The man you want him to be. It’s small, but effective.

I don’t see enough smiles out there. I see too many women looking at the ground, taking inventory of the dust mites that are on the ground below them.

I see too many women looking at their phones constantly, looking at texts or FaceBook feeds and Instagram.

The simplicity of a smile is all it takes to start the magic of boy meets girl.

It’s funny, sometimes I’m in my own world, just like all of you. Sometimes I just walk around. I’m not prepared for that beautiful smile. But here’s a tip to all of you.

Be prepared.

The next time you see a man you’re attracted to, smile at him. Whether he comes over or not, it doesn’t matter.

I want you to smile at every man you’re attracted to for the next week. I want you to open up that energy flow.

I want you to forget about Tinder and Bumble and all the rest, and I want you to smile at a man.

It’s a really amazing, beautiful thing to do.


Let yourself be seen.

Let yourself be flirted with and see how it changes your life.