Love the skin you’re in! P.s. these products will help!

There is nothing sexier than gorgeous skin. It’s one of my favorite assets to play up. Not only will men notice when you take care of your skin by the way it looks and feels, you’ll feel sexier and more confident when you can show off a silky smooth glow. Men love happy women — so make sure you’re sending the right vibe by making yourself beautiful inside and out.

First thing’s first — I’m launching my own cosmetic line and it’s for you ladies. From SPF to skin plumping agents and ingredients that reduce red lines, it will meet all your needs. Keep checking for more details! In the meantime…

A body scrub is key for removing dead skin. Body Shop’s scrub is inexpensive and lasts forever. Plus, it’s available in dozens of date-friendly scents to make you look and smell gorgeous. If a scrub is too messy for you, grab a classic loofah sponge. They’re budget-friendly and get the job done. Sometimes, it’s just all about simple maintenance.

At my Birthday Bash we featured an amazing Coconut Cream scrub by LaLicious. It’s all natural and made with coconut oil for moisture and sugar crystals for exfoliation. No woman wants dead skin. We want new — we want fresh and clean.

Once you’ve hopped out of the shower, be sure to slather head to toe with a moisturizer. Natural shea butter is amazing and many women swear by coconut oil which you can buy at almost any beauty supply store or your local health market (my favorite is Whole Foods). Don’t forget to do your hands and feet, and especially your cuticles. This will give you a perfectly manicured look even if you haven’t had time to go to the salon.

When it comes to the face, you’ve got to be a little tender. Clinique’s classic scrub is easy and produces great results. Finish it off with a great face moisturizer. Peter Roth Thomas has a great line that’s perfect for home.

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