Get your hubby’s attention by learning to flirt again

Learn to flirt with your husband again!Married ladies, if you want to spice up your marriage or get your husband’s attention, think back to the woman he took out on your first few dates. It can all be as simple as making it a point to look you’re best whenever he’s around. Play up a favorite feature and throw on a sexy dress or a flattering pair of jeans.

Get yourself into the flirting mood by bringing back your sexiness — get some exercise, spend a little time fantasizing about him, read Fifty Shades of Grey. Whatever gets you feeling hot and attractive.

Realize you’re still that couple…

The same man that got you juicy goosey when you first met (and vice versa) is still that man and you’re still that woman. You can tap into those memories and connect with the exciting feelings at any time. You can ignite your fire any time.

Once we get into the thick of life and are distracted by all the things we have to juggle in our worlds, it can be easy to forget the fun, flirty minx within, so take a step back, meditate and grab a hold of her again. I promise, she is still there! It might take a few tries at first if it’s been a while, but rest assured — if you keep tapping that well, it will flow soon. Once you’ve got yourself in the mood and into flirt mode, you’ll instantly notice a change. Embody it! Grab it and don’t let go! Bring it to your man.

Bring your sexy back to the surface

Make yourself look and feel hot. Put on a sexy dress and play up a favorite body feature. Do your hair. Spray on a little perfume. Get your nails done. You’ll feel sexier and more desirable to yourself and that’s going to be loud and clear (and attractive!) to him.

If that’s all still normal for you, bare some skin, more than you’re used to, and get ready to flirt. You don’t need to dress up to get hottie patottie to notice you again. A simple pinch will probably catch his attention. He’ll wonder where you’re going with it.

Role play — it’s okay!

When he’s around, bat your eyes at him, tease and play and, most of all, smile. Act as if he’s the hot guy at Whole Foods that makes you blush, or the sexy guy at the gym who checks you out. After all, he is your husband and you married him because he was once that guy. Touch him, grab his butt, tell him how sexy he is. He might be surprised, but don’t worry. He may have forgotten what it’s like to flirt with you, too, but he’ll quickly remember with the grab of his tush.

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