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Does plastic surgery get you a better man?

Should women consider plastic surgery to find a better manI’ve lived in LA-LA land for a long time, so I’ve seen my fair share of plastic surgery—the very, very good, the very, very bad and everything in between. And because surgery is so common here—I swear there are more plastic surgeon’s offices than Starbucks in LA—I’ve been asked by a lot of my female clients if plastic surgery will get them a better man. Instead of giving them a yes or no answer, I often have a lot of questions for them. What can I say? I’m like the Cheshire Cat of plastic surgery advice. In case you’re wondering the same thing, here are those questions for you to ask yourself.


Do YOU want surgery?

This really is the main one. Do you want it? Not do you think some guy would want it? Not do you think it would make you look more like a model in a magazine? And definitely not do you think other people wonder why you haven’t gotten it yet? Do you want to get plastic surgery? If this really is for you, for whatever reason—confidence, health or just because you like the looks of it—go for it. And, yes, it will get you a better guy because good guys like women who feel great about how they look.


What do you mean by better?

When a client asks me if plastic surgery will get her a better guy, I have to ask what she means by better. The truth is that yes, huge boobs with a lot of cleavage showing will get you a lot more attention from men, whether those boobs are real or fake. But does more mean better? No, it really doesn’t. And can you imagine a good guy ever saying, “Yeah, I met the woman who I’m going to marry today. I can tell we have a future together because of her perfect boobs!” No way! Good men will love you for who you are. So, like I said above, if the surgery is for you and it makes you more confident and comfortable, then yeah, it could make your dating life better. But, that’s not the surgery that’s attracting the men. It’s your confidence!


What if in a year, you’re still single?

What if you got this surgery today and then in a year, you were still single? What would you think? If your answer is, “What a waste!” then do not get the surgery. That means that you’re just getting the surgery for dating purposes and that’s not going work. If your answer is, “I’ll probably be too busy obsessing over how great my even breasts/straight nose/gorgeous lips make me feel to think about anything else,” then surgery might be the right answer for you. Sounds like you’re considering it for the right reasons and the confidence you get from the surgery could have a very positive impact on your dating life, and life in general.


Bottom line—surgery won’t get you a better guy. But, a better you will get you a better guy. And that better you could come from plastic surgery or it could come from learning French or running a marathon. Whatever makes you more confident will make you a better dater. So, ask yourself these questions, and probably a few more of your own, before you head under the knife.