The Fountain of Beauty

Beautifully Inconspicuous

Celebrity maintains her beauty through surgeries that aren't noticableIf you live in the United States and ever spend time in a grocery store line, surfing the web, or watching television—in other words, if you are alive, you know that there is a never ending fascination with celebrity culture: We want to know who’s doing what, when, where, and with who…

And when it comes to plastic surgery, it’s always exciting to hear that someone rich and famous had something done to themselves and ended up looking funny.

But have you ever found yourself wondering why we don’t hear as much about celebrities who have had aesthetic procedures with which they’re happy? Well, of course there is the obvious reason- we don’t hear about them because they don’t want us to… they’d prefer for their fans (and especially their enemies) to think they just work out, eat right, and have good genes…

But there are other reasons too- the most relevant being that when plastic surgery is done right, you don’t notice it. It’s what I call Beautifully Inconspicuous… You know someone looks great, and their self-confidence and sense of attractiveness is undeniable, but there isn’t anything about their appearance that is off-balance, out-of-proportion, or looks strange to the eye.

In order for plastic surgery outcomes to achieve this Beautifully Inconspicuous level, there has to have been a careful matching of the patient’s goals with the procedure most likely to achieve them in a natural manner, and then the procedure must be executed well and the postoperative care managed expertly by both the patient and surgeon. If you’d like help finding an expert surgeon in your area, email me and I’ll help you get hooked up with the right professional.

Let’s have some fun and play “did they or didn’t they” with some celebrities that look good enough to have me thinking they might have found some expert help along the way…

Kim Kardashian

Let’s just say it together here- a bottom like that, with a waist and tummy like that… you just don’t see that in nature. Whether or not she did or not, only Kim knows- but if she did, I say my hat is off to both Kim and her surgeon. She has amazing curves.

Leslie Stahl

If she had one, I personally believe Leslie has one of the very best facelift outcomes I’ve seen- naturally attractive, with a young woman’s jawline and chin to neck angle. Her beautiful smile only adds to the benefit.

Matt Damon

Go back and watch Good Will Hunting…then watch one of his recent movies… There’s been a change in the appearance of Matt’s nose that is subtle, but noticeable to the trained eye. He looks great though, and is obviously doing well for himself.

Nicole Kidman (ca. Cold Mountain)

If you look carefully at Nicole Kidman in Days of Thunder and then at how she looked in Cold Mountain, there has been a subtle improvement in the shape of her face that is very attractive… Would that she had left it at that- few women have looks more beautiful than Nicole in Cold Mountain.

Are there more? Certainly, these are just a few I thought of on the fly—send me your favorite celeb before and after photos (no Photoshopping please) or leave them in the comments below and if I get a kick out of them or use them in the blog we’ll send you a nice gift.