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Summer date ideas you can do in any city

It’s summertime! This is probably my favorite season for planning dates. Warm weather makes all the difference when it comes to dating — especially budget-friendly dating. And who isn’t looking for some wallet relief? So here are five summer date ideas you can do in any city as long as the sun is shining and the shorts are short! Read more

6 Questions you should ask him if it’s getting serious

There’s a point in every relationship when you get that feeling. You know the one — you’re meeting his friends, you’re suddenly saying “we” a lot, you’re starting to picture a future together. I’m talking about that point when you get a sense that the relationship could be getting serious. Nothing’s serious yet, but it’s getting there. You know what I’m talking about, right? Well, the next time you get that feeling, I need you to pump the brakes a little and ask him these six very important questions. You’ve got to get these answers before you dive head first into a serious relationship, or else you could have a broken heart on your hands. And no one wants that. Read more

3 Sweet nothings he wants to hear too

Sweet nothings are the best. And that’s a true story. I don’t know any woman who’s ever thought, “Enough with the sweet nothings! I’m getting sick of them.” Too much is never enough when it comes to sincerely sweet things said by your man. And that’s another true story. Read more

My personal tips for dating after 50

The truth is that dating after 50 is different than dating when you’re younger. It’s not different on bad terms though. It’s just different. You need to go into the post-50 dating scene with a very different perspective than you’ve had before. Here are my tips for getting the most out of your post-50 dating life. (And really, there’s a lot to get if you do it right.) Read more

5 Things you could be doing that put your man down

Sure, they act tough, but men have feelings too. And when they get hurt, they really get hurt. If you’ve ever seen a really emotionally wounded man, then you know what I’m talking about. It’s way worse than any little girl who’s ever been upset about anything ever. The sad eyes, the moping, the pouting, the whimpering. It’s not pretty. Here’s the thing about men though. It takes a lot of pain for them to get to that point. Before a big emotional break down, there are usual a lot of small incidents that they’ve bottled up. You may not even know your guy’s feelings were hurt at first. In fact, there are probably several things you’re doing without even knowing it that put your man down and hurt him. Here are five of the most common. Read more

Moving in before the ring: Why I don’t think you should

I see both sides on a lot of situations. Chocolate or vanilla. Jacob or Edward. Jeggings or leggings. But when it comes to moving in before the ring, I see only one side. Don’t move in with your guy until you have a ring. No ifs, ands, buts, howevers or whatevers about it. I know it’s not a popular opinion, but my PattiKnows-ers, you know that popularity is nothing I worry about. I’ve seen clients do it, friends do it and celebrities do it. And every time I’m there at the end to say, “I told you so.” Here’s why I think it’s a massive mistake. Read more