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Have you ever sat down for dinner with a group of friends and as soon as everyone started to order, you instantly felt sorry for the waiter?

Between substitutions, special requests and temperature requirements- people are very specific about what they want just for dinner. So it should come as no surprise to you that when it comes to dating, people can be just as picky if not more complicated.

Men and women could not be more different from each other. Heck, sitting down to dinner exemplifies how different they could be instantly!  I envision her ordering a salmon salad, dressing on the side with a glass of white wine and him a steak medium rare, with a beer.

Different wants, different needs- same dinner table.

Now just because she orders something different, does this mean that he is not compatible with her? Nope, it just means they are in the mood for different things. Maybe they both love the restaurant- but are being independently adventurous.

Welcome to The J Spot.

An advice column created to help women understand the men in their lives and what goes on in their heads.  Lets face it, women don’t understand men and men don’t understand women.  But that’s where I come in, I will help bridge the gap in-between.

Now, the advice that I give you may not be what you want to hear sometimes, but it will help you navigate your relationship more efficiently with that special man in your life.

My experiences range from a few long-term relationships to short flings. I’ve dated movie stars and doctors to cold-hearts and sweethearts.  I’ve even participated in online dating as well. My willingness to have an open mind about whom I date has enabled me to continuously grow and evolve as a man and as a person.  I believe dating is not so much about playing the field, but more about understanding the players.

It is that wisdom of the mistakes I have made and the lessons that I have learned, that I want to share with you.

That’s where I come in, I will help bridge the gap in-between.

I am truly excited to start this new blog and I hope everyone will find it a unique and entertaining resource to help you navigate your everyday life with men.

Remember the objective is to get you to sit down to dinner at the same place- you can order anything you want. Lets just get you to dinner.

I’m not setting any parameters so you know what that means, use me and abuse me. “Ask” away!

Ask Justin

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