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Where you should not look for men this summer

You know what summertime means, right? No, not white denim shorts! Well, yeah, actually, I guess those are great for summer also. But what's even better is summer lovin’! Summer is everyone’s favorite season to fall in love. It’s sunny and happy, and no one’s working as hard. It just seems like it’s easier to meet new people during summertime. But just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that everywhere you look you’ll find a guy. There are places that can be total time wasters if you’re really on the hunt for summer love. So here are some places where you shouldn't waste your time looking for men this season. Read more

Is it ever OK for women to ask men out?

Look. I’m not going to pussyfoot around here. You know I think men should do the asking when it comes to dates. It’s just nature. Men are hunters, and facts are facts. Men like to go after what they want, and even the shyest guy in the whole wide world wants to be the one who asks his lady out. So, no, it’s not OK for women to ask men out. But that doesn’t mean that I think women should sit around in bandage dresses and perfectly straightened hair, just waiting for a guy to come to them. Not at all! Women can do lots of initiating. The moves a woman should make can lead to a guy asking her out and still leave the go-getting to him. Here they are. Read more

5 Destinations to meet men during summertime

At this point in the year, we’re all in countdown mode to summertime. Memorial Day, you can’t get here soon enough. Hurry! One of the many, many things I love about summer is that it’s a great time for singles to mingle, meet and create lasting relationships. Did you read that closely? I wrote “lasting relationships.” Not “summer flings.” I’m very against the seasonal fling. But back to the point, summer is a great time to meet new people because the nice weather brings everyone out. Here are five great destinations to meet men during the summertime. Read more

Why you should not have a summer fling

Summertime is right around the corner, and instead of focusing on toning up your body and getting bikini-ready, I want you bone up on your relationship health for the season and think of me as your personal trainer. And my first boot camp lesson is for the single ladies. Lovely single ladies, heed my advice, don’t have a summer fling. I know it’s tempting. Board shorts, drinks with umbrellas in them and the smell of sunscreen make for an irresistible combination. But here’s why you need to step back from that fling. Read more

How texting and email can affect your dating life

We are living in a digital world, and it can make dating and flirting pretty treacherous at times. While this has opened up endless opportunities to meet, connect and stay in touch with others, it has also opened up entirely new possibilities of overstepping boundaries and embarrassing moments. How do you date and flirt while making sure you aren’t jeopardizing your budding relationship? Let’s break it down. Read more

The secret to loving like you’ve never been hurt

We’ve all had our hearts broken. It’s part of the risk we take when we get into a relationship. The problem is that many of us make decisions based on those heartbreaks that get in the way of us creating the type of relationship we desire. We decide that because a past partner cheated, “all men/women are cheaters and can’t be trusted.” Or we decide that we are unlovable because we spent so much time chasing unavailable partners.

Many of you have become cynical in the search for love and are shielding your heart from hurt... and joy too. Or you are afraid to take risks, holding on to the fear of being hurt again. We want you to know it doesn't have to be that way. Read more