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What we can learn from James Franco’s dating fiasco

james-francoThere’s a right and wrong way to go about using dating sites and social media to find love – or sex.

Or a combination of both.

Let’s face it – Sometimes it’s whichever comes first. I don’t judge.

Actor James Franco recently demonstrated the wrong way. In fact he also demonstrated what a clueless, desperate idiot he is.

After meeting a female fan outside the Broadway theater where he’s starring in “Of Mice and Men,” Franco posed for a photo with said fan.

Aww – isn’t that so nice of him?

Don’t be fooled. He gives new meaning to the expression “man with a plan.”

He told the fan to tag him in the photo of them once she posted it to Instagram. This led to a convo between the two in the “comments” section, which should have included #pervert, because it then led to a text conversation in which he asked her – a complete stranger – if he should get a hotel room for them.

Woah woah Jimmy James – slow down there. At least first buy the girl dinner or a drink like a gentleman.

Actually, nevermind the drink suggestion – the fan is only 17.

And was visiting New York City with her MOM.

She conveyed this info to James, who is 35, openly and honestly, and he showed no signs whatsoever of backing down. In fact, he pressed on – and found himself on “Live With Kelly and Michael” a few days later trying to explain himself.

Not only did the 17-year-old reject him but she made a laughing stock of him by exposing their conversation.

Here, three tips to follow to make sure your pursuit of a person you connect with online doesn’t blow up in your face at the starting mark.

1. Take it slow.

Don’t even think about – let alone talk about – sex with the person until you meet face to face. Plus, it’s never good to have those kind of conversations in writing.

2. Find out specifics upfront.

Before you make plans to meet in person, find out basic things about the person including age and marital status. You won’t always get the truth, but it pays to ask at the very least so you don’t show up for your date with the 30-year-old single guy and he turns out to be 58 with a bright gold wedding band on his left hand.

3. Choose your location wisely.

Pizza shops, Starbucks and any public place with a decent crowd usually works for a first meeting spot. Your home or apartment, a hotel room or anywhere with a bed is sure to end in disaster and scream “booty call.”