Dating in Nashville

Caffe Nonna in Nashville

Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio we frequented “Little Italy”, a neighborhood comprised of only authentic, straight off the boat, Italian restaurants and cuisine. This has made us complete Italian food snobs. Honestly, one of the hardest parts about leaving Ohio for Nashville was the fear of not finding an Italian spot that measures up!

Thank GOD we were introduced to Cafe Nonna in Sylvan Park. It is off the beaten path, and the small authentic Italian vibe in the restaurant makes for the perfect date outside of the standard “hot spots” in town. If you’re also a wine snob, which we tend to be, you are allowed to BYOB for a corking fee.

The menu is modifiable, letting pasta lovers choose everything from their noodles, sauce, and protein and vegetable additions. That being said, its basically impossible to not love your meal! The quiet atmosphere and small dining space are truly romantic for a great but lower key date. Enjoy some wine, perhaps of your own choosing, and a certified by us amazing Italian meal!