Dating in Nashville

Chauhan Ale & Masala House

We could not be more excited to write about this amazing restaurant for one reason, two words: Maneet Chauhan. As huge Chopped fans, when we heard our favorite judge was opening a restaurant in our home city we were beyond thrilled! Chef Maneet is known to throw brilliant twists into her food and we could not wait to try first hand!

Chauhan Ale & Masala House provides a swanky vibe, and delicious eats. The entire restaurant is lowly lit, and the back room features projected pictures that add to the exotic feel. Even if you aren’t going for the curried deliciousness, the atmosphere of the bar is incredible. The drink list does not disappoint with many options all of which are familiar bar staples, but feature unique twists!

For dining we recommend trying, well, basically everything! In the interest of sharing however, try the skewers, (any of them all are great) and the Masala Dabba and Tandoori Bread! This is a great spot to get exotic and creative. And if you’re wondering if you and your date are going to smell like Indian cuisine post meal, odds are .. you will, but its well worth it! We think you should “Spice” up your next date night at Chauhan!