Dating in Nashville

Bakersfield Tacos in Nashville

Our love for tacos goes back as far as we can remember. Don’t even get us started on guacamole. Insert hearts for eyes emoji here! What makes a better date than guac, tacos, and margs?

As it turns out, our love for Bakersfield Tacos began before we were Nashville residents, AND before Bakersfield came to Nashville. Our first experience was at the Columbus location where we quickly learned the guacamole is delicious and you could fill up on that alone. Additionally, as repeat customers we have tried everything on the menu including what they are best known for, their tacos, Duh! The short rib is a menu favorite by far!

So, now that our mouths are watering, let’s discuss drinks and atmosphere. The Columbus and Nashville locations alike take you into a western state of mind as soon as you pass through the wooden doors. The restaurant is dark stained wood, lowly lit, and has displays of any and every kind of tequila. When you walk in and soak up the atmosphere, you are immediately ready to have a marg! We are huge fans of their margaritas, and honestly, just order a pitcher it’s worth it.

Bakersfield is such a love of ours! Not only because we have it in our two favorite cities, but because every time we go we have delicious, authentic tacos, amazing guac, have probably too many margaritas, and always always always have the best time! Make your next date spot a mexi one, at Bakersfield! We promise you will not only have a great time, but you’ll definitely leave wanting more! (Which is how every date should end, right?!)