Attention single girls: Why you should try to go on bad dates

bad dateSingle girls, let me say that I feel you in a major way. The single struggle is so real. When you’ve been single for a while, you can lose hope and get very frustrated. Dates can feel like a total waste of time! I’m here to tell you they’re not a waste of time at all. Even the bad ones. Actually, especially the bad ones aren’t wastes of your time. In fact, I think you should try to go on bad dates. Yes, try to set up bad dates for yourself. You read that correctly. Here’s why.

You learn

Everything that happens to you in life has valuable lessons to teach you and bad dates are no exception. You’ll learn a lot about what you want and need in a partner from bad dates. And you’ll learn who you want to be on a first date and what you can improve on as a dater and partner. Bad dates teach you a whole lot more than blah dates or even good ones. So, don’t think that by saying yes to potentially bad dates, you’re wasting your time or his. You’re learning and growing. Cheesy but true!

You’re off

Time for some tough love, single lady. You’re single because you’re doing something wrong. I’m not saying that to make you feel bad. It’s just how it is. You’re a wonderful person who’s not picking the right guys to date. So, if doing what you think is the right thing is regularly steering you in the wrong direction, why not switch it up and try to do the wrong thing? Go on some dates you think are going to be terrible and they could turn out to be the total opposite. If you’re wrong about what’s good, you’re probably wrong about what’s bad. Get it?

No expectations

I’m a big believer in positive thinking and willing good things to manifest in your life. It really works! However, I think in specific scenarios, no or low expectations can be the key to winning. Spend your energy manifesting the perfect man to enter your life in the perfect way and then go into specific dates without any expectations. Going in assuming the guy is your soul mate just leads to disappointment. But, if you set up a date with a guy you don’t think it the one, you have no expectations and leave yourself with a lot of room to be pleasantly surprised. Your perception is your reality and sometimes your perception needs a little perspective shift. An intentionally bad date can do just that!

I know this advice sounds weird, but trust me, it works. Go on a few dates you think will be bad and I guarantee you’ll get something valuable out them.