#AskPatti: Valentine’s Day edition

Ask Patti StangerValentine’s Day is right around the corner, so I thought I’d take make this #AskPatti all about your V-Day Qs. I know that the most romantic day of the year isn’t always the most comfortable, no matter what your relationship status is. Putting a lot of pressure on love can make even those most romantic person in the world squirm a bit. (Trust me. Even I’ve gotten itchy around Valentine’s Day and love is my life!) If you’re single, married, dating or “it’s complicated-ing,” I’ve got an answer for you! So, let’s dig in!

Number one, change your attitude! You asked this question on January 27th. That’s over two weeks before V-Day. If you assume you’re going to be single, you probably will be. I’m a big believer in positive thinking leading to positive outcomes. So, shift your perspective a bit. Envision your dream guy and believe you’re going to meet him. Then, you probably will!
Sarah VanBenschoten How do you avoid being “just a valentine’s day date” this time of year?
Good question! I honestly think it’s really rare for a guy to ask a woman out on Valentine’s Day, just to have a date. V-Day is so high pressure and relationshippy that it’s not that fun for a casual first date. This type of thing happens more around holiday time, for holiday party days, and especially on New Year’s Eve. But, it could happen! I say trust your gut. If you think you’re being used for just a date on a big day, you probably are. Get out of there, girl! You’ll find a guy who wants to date YOU, not just date anyone, soon.
If you’re sincere, it’s not rude. But, um, it doesn’t sound like you are. So, yeah, it’s probably pretty rude. Why not focus the energy you spend being bitter on finding that special someone instead? I can help!
Tieia Cutbirth Middleton My husband is a fighter pilot who has everything. I want to give him something special but I’m out of ideas! Help!
Fighter pilot, lawyer, doctor, garbage collector—no matter what profession a man is, they all love to see their woman in lingerie. I say get something super sexy in his favorite color and surprise him after a long day of work. Even a guy who has everything can always use an extra steamy night with his number one lady.
I say use the evening to stay home and work on your online dating profile so you’re not in the same situation next year. Get on there, make sure your pictures are perfect and your questionnaire answers represent you in the most compelling way possible. Once you’ve revised it, get out there and start messaging! Set up dates for the next week. If you put the effort into meeting someone and believe you can do it, you’ll totally find him.

That’s all for this Valentine’s Day themed #AskPatti. Keep the questions coming…even Valentine’s Day ones! If I have enough, I’ll do a whole other V-Day edition! Love you, my little Valentines!