The Wedding Plan

Creating a wedding to reflect YOU

Woman holds perfect flowers for her wedding dayWhen a couple first becomes engaged, and the waves of “Congratulations!” have begun to subside, some of the very first questions that their friends and family will inevitably begin to ask them is, “So what is your wedding theme?” or, god forbid, “What are your wedding colors?”.  Although some might disagree with me, I strongly believe that the couple is, and should be, the theme of the wedding.

When I first begin designing a wedding for a new client, I find my design inspiration from the couple.  The first time that I sit down with a couple, I encourage them to bring me anything and everything they can find to help illustrate who they are and what they love as individuals and as a couple.  I encourage our couples to look beyond the images that they find in wedding magazines or on wedding blogs because those images depict someone else’s wedding day, someone else’s vision of their perfect day and what that particular couple loves.

Once I’ve gathered insights into the couple’s personalities, interests, and preferences, the next crucial step in wedding planning is selecting the perfect venue. The venue serves as the canvas upon which the couple’s unique story unfolds. Whether they envision an intimate garden affair, a rustic barn celebration, or a chic city soirée, the choice of venue should resonate with their shared style. It’s not just about the aesthetic appeal; the venue should also align with the couple’s values and the atmosphere they want to create for their special day.

To explore a variety of venues that may resonate with their vision, couples can visit This platform offers a diverse range of options in Adelaide, catering to different tastes and preferences. From charming gardens to elegant ballrooms, adelaide wedding venues provides a comprehensive guide to help couples find the ideal backdrop for their wedding festivities. By immersing themselves in the available options, couples can make a more informed decision that truly reflects their unique love story.

Your wedding day should be a reflection of who you and your fiancé are, your passions, your inside jokes

Your wedding day should be a reflection of who you and your fiancé are, your passions, your inside jokes – not a recreation of someone else’s.  I encourage our couples to present us with images of things that truly inspire and resonate with them, whether they come from Motorcycle Weekly or Elle Décor or Art Review.  Additionally, I often look through a variety of home décor, art, and fashion websites to find images that can help me to articulate design concepts that are inspired by my clients.

When planning your own wedding, it’s important to think about the things that you love and the things that make you unique: your private jokes, the places you’ve traveled, your favorite things to do, and your most celebrated cuisine.  When I’m designing a wedding, I ask couples to think of their uber-home (their ideal home where they would host and entertain their nearest and dearest) and use that concept as the starting point for designing their wedding.  Based on my couple’s personality, loves, and interests, I can begin creating a day for them that is inspired by who they are and what they love, superseding a mere color palette or theme which I believe oversimplifies the rich complexities of any couple.

Your wedding day should tell your story and create an experience for your guests, your friends and family, that will make them gasp, laugh, reflect, and remember.  When I’m producing a wedding, I strive to develop a narrative of the day that tells that couple’s story and shows their point of view.  Your wedding day should allow your friends and family to see into you and your fiance’s unique love and relationship at a very special time and never underestimate the need for whimsy and humor being infused into the wedding as that is as equally a part of who you are as is poignance and romance.