#AskPatti: Matchmaker help on a budget, first date outfits, non-negotiables & more!

Ask Patti StangerHello, my loves! I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with food, fun and lots of love. Personally, my holiday was a little too much food and the perfect amount of fun and love. I really have so much to be thankful for this year and it’s so nice that a big part of the holiday season is appreciating the year that’s just past.

Enough with the mushy gushy stuff and on to this week’s #AskPatti questions!

Lady, I hear you. Online dating can be exhausting. I had the same exact feeling as you. And I’m a matchmaker! Even if hiring a matchmaker isn’t in your financial plan, you can still get matchmaker quality advice by asking me questions on Twitter, reading the posts on and checking out my books and DVDs. My only advice with the books is to follow ALL of my advice. Don’t just pick and choose the tips that seem the easiest for you. Pretend this is dating boot camp. No corner cutting! And I promise you’ll have the same success my in-person clients have.
I’d only say to accept a day of date invitation if you’re in a whirlwind romance. Like, if you happen to sit next to a tall, dark, handsome stranger on a flight and you both get delayed and miss your connecting flights and have to spend a night in Paris and he asks you to climb the Eiffel Tower together and you sip champagne once you get to the top and feed each other croissants and you get powdered sugar on your nose and he kisses it off in the cutest way possible. Whoa! I think I just basically wrote a full romantic comedy. If it’s not a situation exactly like that, then I say pass on all day of dates. Men are biologically hunters. They want to chase you and work for it. Don’t make it too easy for them or they won’t appreciate their prize.
If every single guy is flaking after two dates, it might be time to look at the woman in the mirror and see if your early stage dating behavior is sending the wrong signals. Are you showing enough interest? Coming on too strong? Putting out too much? Seeming cold? Do some experimenting and see what you can tweak and how guys respond.
Do the five second flirt (catch his eye and smile at him for a full five seconds) and let him come to you. Men like to hunt, baby! Let them!

That’s all for this week! Speak to you lovelies soon!