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5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Dating Life

timetocleanSpring is the perfect time to not only clean up your home, but to also clean up your love life. Looking to find that special someone this season? Here are some tips to get you started!

1. Clean out that closet.
Still holding on to old items from a past love? It is time to get rid of them! Return them, donate them, or give them to a friend to do away with. Spring an optimal time to move forward. If you continue to hold the past close it will be nearly impossible to move on to bigger and better things, and most importantly, new love.

2. Prioritize.
Love will never find you if you don’t make time to look for it. Clear out your schedule so that you ensure there is time to go on date each week. Get your friend to match you, go online, hire a matchmakers or just go out. Making dating a priority is essential to success.

3. Get out there.
The temperature is climbing, the sun is shining, and that means that more people are out and about. You’ll never meet someone sitting at home alone in front of the TV, so get out there and socialize! Say yes to party invitations, go to a happy hour after work, or eat at an outdoor café and see who else is there or might walk by. The more places you go, the higher your chance of expanding your social circle which increases your chances of meeting that special someone.

4. Try something new.
Haven’t had luck dating a certain type of person in the past? Now is the time to mix it up. Change up your dating pattern. Give different types of people a chance. The most important thing is that the person you are with shares the same values that you do is kind and treats you well. Other than that, be flexible!

5. Love goggles!
My weekly readers know how much I love those love goggles! Be sure to put yours on so that you can more easily recognize the opportunities and abundance all around you. Notice the cute person in front of you at the market, walking their dog, or having a picnic. It does not matter where you are, there are amazing matches everywhere if you have the right frame of mind to take notice of it.

So good luck, have fun, and get yourself some spring lovin’!

And as always, if you need a little extra help get in touch with me and the team at the Matchmaking Institute!

Photo credit: Alan Cleaver / CC BY